I’ll be there in five

We’ve all heard this sentence before and we all know how it turns out. When someone says they that they will be there in five minutes, they are never there in five minutes. It’s more like an hour. Someone needs to teach these people how much time five minutes actually is. According to my watch, five minutes is the amount of time it takes the long hand to move thirty degrees.

If I tell someone that I will be somewhere in five minutes, I’m there in five minutes. Okay, sometimes it’s more like six but it’s close enough. I’m not going to tell them that I’ll be five minutes when it’s going to take a lot longer that. Throughout the years, I’ve learned to cope with people telling me this. If they’re not here in five minutes, I just leave. There are the odd times where I’ll wait an extra minute or two to see if they show up but after that, I’m out of there.

There’s a chance that I will get called up asking why I’m not at the rendezvous point but the answer is simple. I’ve waited and I’m done waiting. I do not have time to stand around and wait another minute when the initial estimated time of arrival was five minutes. The least the other person could have done was over estimated. I would rather wait ten minutes and have them get there early than wait five minutes and have them get there late.

Some may think that five minutes isn’t a lot of time but it is when you are the one who is waiting. When you are waiting for something, five minutes can seem like an eternity. And every second that passes feels like forever. Making someone wait for something is not a good thing.

A few weeks ago, a friend asked for my help to make a web page. She needed a program that would get her started with the designing. So I told her that I would get her a copy. She said she would come down to pick it up when I was done. I offered to bring it up to her place because I was rather busy but she declined. She said she would wait until I was done with my errands and she would come over to pick it up. So I burned the CD and then took off to run some errands.

I get back home and get a call from her. I told her that I was done with my errands and I will be home for a while so she can come down to pick up the CD. She agreed and said she would be down shortly. The drive from her house to mine shouldn’t take no longer than thirty minutes so I waited.

An hour had passed and there was no knock on my door. I gave her a call and found out that she hadn’t even left her house yet. Normally, I would just wait a little longer but not anymore. As soon as I heard that she was still at home, I just gave up and stopped waiting. I had things that needed to get done and sitting around waiting isn’t going to help me finish those tasks any faster.

I don’t like to wait and I don’t like to make other people wait. If people ask me to go somewhere, I tell them that I’ll meet them there. This will give me the flexibility of taking my time because I didn’t specify how long I would take. But it’s not like I’m going to take a long time. Usually when I have to meet people somewhere, a group of friends are already there so they’re not really waiting at all.

I’ve done enough waiting in my life so I’m very considerate of other people’s time. Time is something we all take for granted. Once you start to realize that your time is finite, you will start to use it wisely. So now you know the reason behind the tagline of my blog. Life is short, my friends.