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If there are a few things that I can’t stand, it’s telemarketers and door to door sales people. I haven’t done both but I’ve done things that are similiar. I’ve worked at a third party collection and I’ve done telemarketing before. As for the door to door thing, I don’t think I could do stuff like that. With the telemarketing job, at least I didn’t have to see the people I was talking to face to face. It would make the job a lot harder if I saw the look on people’s faces.

If you’ve gone shopping at Futureshop, then you know that some of the stuff that the sales person is saying is bullshit. Some of them don’t really care about saving you money. What matters to them is that they are making a sale. If they sell you something like a warranty, they will get commission from it. That would mean more money in their pockets but less in yours. You have to be strong in order to tell them “No!”

After you tell them “no” the first time, it just falls upon a deaf ear and they pretend not to hear it. So they’ll pitch another idea to you in hopes of getting you hooked. No matter how much you don’t want to buy that warranty, they keep going at you with it. Unless you’re investing a lot in an item, a warranty isn’t really necessary. I should have bought a warranty on my $1000 camera but that would have meant another $300. The way they try and sell you that idea is by saying, “Since you’ve already spent $1000, why not throw in another $300 and if anything breaks down, you’re cover.” As if $1000 isn’t expensive enough, I don’t want to have to worry about an extra $300.

Plus anything under warranty usually breaks down as soon as the warranty expires anyway. So there’s really no point in buying it in the first place. My parents bought a big screen TV and it is now just sitting there in the living room. About a month before the warranty expired, the TV started acting up. So before the warranty ran out, we called and got them to send a technician over to fix it. He came and soldered some parts and we thought it was good as new. Once the warranty expired, so did the TV. Now we have to watch TV on a 15 inch display.

Companies that try and sell you things have a lot of tricks up their sleeves. They have ways of saying things so it sounds better than it is. I went computer shopping with some coworkers and helped them pick out a computer. I asked them the reason why they want to buy a computer and they briefly told me about the things that they want to use it for. When we were approached by one of the sale representative, he wanted to sell us a higher model with a whole bunch of features that will never be used. Once we told him that were on a budget, he took off. I guess he didn’t want to sell us something if it’s less than $1000. In the end, he came back and we worked on getting a deal now that wasn’t supposed to be on until next week. Knowing my coworkers, I advised them to get the warranty. All of that ended up costing just over $1000.

I don’t like talking to a sale representative because I know what I want to buy. I don’t need them to come up to me and start throwing buzz words around. Usually I tell them that I’m just browsing because that seems to work best. But there are te few that are persistent to a point. That is the reason why I would prefer to buy things online rather than at the store.
My friend just started a new job in door-to-door sales which he thinks is the best job in the world. He can’t seem to shut up about it. None of us wants to hear about it and yet he keeps going at it. I guess that makes him good for the job. He tells us about the job as if we’re going to apply for it. I’ve done my share of customer service related jobs and I don’t want to do any more. I don’t like to be bothered when it comes to certain things so I’m not going to do the same to others.

The company that my friend is working for is Ontario Energy Savings or something. It’s almost like another one of those Direct Energy companies where they get you to sign a five year contract in order to freeze your gas prices. I’ve already had a few of them come to my home and ask to see my gas bill. My dad didn’t want to sign up because of the way they do business. What was happening was that Direct Energy will sell gas to us but it goes thru Union Gas. So basically, they are selling the gas to Union Gas and Union Gas is providing us with the gas. Union Gas cannot charge us more than what Direct Energy is charging because that’s what the contract is for. So in a way, Direct Energy is screwing over Union Gas because they cannot raise the price of gas once demands go up. If Direct Energy is doing that to their customers, what’s to stop them from doing it to us? Plus, he didn’t want to get stuck on a five year contract.

No matter how many times we tell the sales people “no” they keep coming back. Even if we were already with Direct Energy, these people have no idea who has already signed up and who hasn’t. They just go door to door and ask. They tend to always show up at the worse time too. My friend is planning on working on Monday. In Canada, Monday is Thanksgiving. It’s a day where families get together for a feast. If some guy comes to my door and wants to me to sign up a contract, he better be careful because I’ll be cutting the turkey which means that I’ll be holding a knife.

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  1. to tell you the truth.. the first 2days of my training i feel very exciting about this job, why you might ask?.. this job taught me alots of valuable thing in every field of life(personal power, business, stockmarket, energy etc.).. the guy who ran this place taught me alot of value thing that i have to paid to go to school for it.. that why i take advantage of this, sometime i think he my coach and teacher that guide me, just like Antony Robin (you know who i’m taking about).. after finish training going out there actually making real deals i don’t think is fun @ all to lock ppl for 5yrs contract @ higher rates and they paying rite now 5.8kw/h -> 9.65kw/h.. sudendly i felt bad after understanding my what my position, i felt like selling my soul for this job… you know how much i hate making money and is not clean money i will never fucking do it even when i has no choice, i rather live in the street.. but on the other hand job help me improve myself(alotssss.) and making big bucks but i don’t care that much about money, i said to my partner about this and “he said You Should TAN, $ solve alots of problem”, but it true though, but in my case money is not everything, money for soul fucking hell no that for sure.. Rite now i don’t know what todo i just starting working like a week now..

  2. i don’t wanna quit that because, he put alots of time and efford, 2day teaching me all this stuff i felt kinda bad if i quit.. and i only work here for a week and i’m not a quitter ask you made know, fuck why do i involve in this shit in the first place fuck me.. i’m dome, HELP ME PLEASE.. and the ppl work there they all fucking nice to me they help me alots.. this type of jobs improve this ppl and they willing to shared everything and help you the best they can’t.. fuck what i should do now.. this job taking my fucking soul away from me help! DONNY

  3. My partner name Dillon.. him and me only know each other for like fews hrs and some how we my close just like we been known for yrs.. first day of work, he went to KFC and he ask me if i want anything and i said no is not because i don’t have money is because i’m not hurry.. He said don’t worry if i don’t have money is his treat.. @ that time i’m kinda thirsty and also i have not money on me, so i said sure just give me a drink thank you.. he brought me a drink, and after we head out to work.. main while all this time i’m been walking behind him house to house with me for training.. The second after he got a fews costumer’s to sign up, one of this deals he actually said. TAN print you name and sign here, and you agent ID. i said what for, he said just do it.. @ that time i don’t know what for, So I Do It, after we head out to his car, i realize that he just give me his deals worth $100 or so, after i understand that i said No Dillon this his your customer’s, you earned did. You close the deals. “He said TAN this it your don’t ” basicly the first 2 deals is his but he give it to me.. So You TELL ME, what i should do.. Quit or Not to Quit, I Quit cause I don’t like my position, if i quit i felt very bad that for sure, if possible why don’t OES lower there rates so everyone can benefit. as we all know how hard to live around here now a days, everything costly now. but in business world, that not possible that why they still in business.. i understand this that because i had been manager familly pizza business for 3yrs now, plus previous employeed.. I don’t know what to do, but for sure i don’t like my position, but i like ppl around my work place.. CRY(emotionally) i felt like i’m the bad guy, first 3days of work i like to call the customer the bad guy cause i going try to close the deals, cause to close the deals you need stop personal skills that why i like about this jobs.. but i’m so wrong, all this time i tought the customer’s is the bad, but all this time the been guy is ME, felt so sad and stupid.. I alway been so bright and think so bringt and positive about life as you made know.. heheheh

  4. is was on wednesday nite after i got home from work, i head out for coffee abit.. when i got home ready togo to sleep for work tomorrow. for some fucking reason i can’t sleep, i’m been out working 11am to 9pm, woke up @ 9am showers and stuff and wait for my bus to arrive, get off 10pm got home around 11pm go out chill to 1pm.. shit still can’t make me tired.. this time i try to forces myself to sleep but guest what, i can’t and is 2:30am already shit… lying there twist and turn all nite long.. main while in my mind doing some thinking what i has learned @ work today.. trying to understand what my position(close the deals) and OES company.. Guest What I had land on the jackpot.. i landed on the negative mind, shit all this time i felt so much confident about myself as alway been rite guy, and my coach been training me to be even more confident about myself. sudently bang, i hated my position about lock ppl @ higher rates for 5yrs term.. that nail me rite away, i’m alway been good to ppl, doing good thing and helping ppl make me happy and confident about who i’m.. busy comment later.. goto go

  5. Not because ppl tell me this job is bad, i experent this myself and after that you good friends told me, i has a change to look down this old couple the are in my bait, guest what i let them go, what out without closing the deal and that is unprofessional of me and(i’m losing money).. but i feel good about myself too for some reason..

  6. My personal opinion about this “Ontario Energy Savings” is great program to help residence like us stabilize the energy cost.. but the rates are to high.. Rate higher mean that put customer @ higher risk to lose more of the hard work money.. but is good that they think out about stabilizing the cost in a negative manner.. but over all this is a great program.. going the wrong direction, maybe someone can you this ideas to make it better for customer like you and me.. hehehehe

  7. BLARGH don! whyyy.. whyyyy?!?! my comment shows up on teh preview, but when i type it out, it does this to me! i gotta stop using symbols as faces.. /sigh

  8. Tan is abusing my comment system. maybe I should have him banned. and those smilies that you use are not the same on webpages as they are on MSN.

  9. so? what are you going to do? come to my house and sign me up… if you come to my house on monday, you’re dead…

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