Annyong haseyo!

For the last month or so, I’ve been trying to pick up Korean. Every now and then I would try and learn a new language. Last month it was Mandarin but this month it’s Korean. And I have to say that it’s not too hard too learn. I’ve actually managed to pick up a few words here and there. I’ve even managed to put it to use.

For some people, trying to learn a new language can be quite the ordeal. There are certain languages where you need to train your vocal chords to do a certain thing. But there are some where you just need to practice on the tone. The Korean language doesn’t require too much of either. Unlike Mandarin, no matter what tone you say the word in, Korean people will understand you.

“Annyong haseyo” is a greeting you say to another person when you’re face to face with them. But if you wanted to greet someone over the telephone, you would say “Yeoboseyo!” I’ve managed to pick up these two words because I was watching a Korean drama and the characters would meet up with each other a lot. The repetition of the words helped me learn them very quickly.

I went to a computer store today to look for some parts to build a computer for my cousin. There is a local computer store close to my house that my friend works at. I wasn’t sure if he still worked there because I haven’t gone to that store since my college days. When I walked through the door, my friend saw me and greeted me. But he didn’t say “Hi!” He shouted out “Annyong haseyo!” If I didn’t take the time to learn Korean, I wouldn’t have known what he was saying but I could have probably guessed.

I haven’t learned the words for “How are you?” yet because they say that part a little too fast and I can’t seem to pick up the pronunciation of every word. It’s going to take a while before I learn that question. Maybe after watching a few more episodes of Korean dramas, I’ll get a better understanding of it.

One time, I was at the security desk at the library and a girl came to use one of the pay phones. From my understanding of the conversation, she was talking to her mom and her mom said something and she agreed. “Ooma” is mother and “ahlaso” is “okay.”

Back in high school, my Korean friend introduced me to H.O.T(Hi-five of Teenagers) Their smash hit at the time was “We Are The Future” I really liked the songs so I tried to learn to sing it. I had no idea what I was singing though. And then one time, my friend had her birthday party at a Karaoke bar and that song came up. I grabbed the microphone and say to the song. Everyone thought I could read Korean but that wasn’t the case. I just sang the song from memory.

I’m always interested in learning new languages. Some people are surprised that I can understand them when they speak their native tongue. Although I only knew bits and pieces of the language, it’s enough to get me started.

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