Ranking high

It took a while but my site finally showed up on Alexa. Every since I start blogging and I wanted to keep track of where my visitors are coming from. At the time, there were limited resources available so I had to create my own program to keep track of visitors. Once the traffic starting […]

What the dilly yo?

Why do people like to send messages but not reply when they receive a message? What’s the whole point of starting the conversation in the first place? When I start a conversation with someone, I make sure I pay more attention to them then other people. I started the conversation so it’s courtesy to give […]


I used to have a big collection of movies. A while ago, I started using Columbia House to order my movies from because I thought that I would be saving money. Five movies for forty nine cents each was a great deal. My first order included six movies ended up costing me $35 after shipping. […]


Since June 2006 and up until now, I’ve averaged one post per day. That’s a lot of writing if you ask me. But there are bloggers out there that writes ten posts per day. Now, that’s a lot more writing than what I do. I don’t think I can post anywhere near ten posts per […]

That’s not what I heard

I hate having to call up customer service for anything customer service related. The wait time is way too long. I just wanted a simple question answered so why do I have to wait so long for a simple answer. My calls to customer service are rarely ever pleasant. But this time around, it wasn’t […]


In general, most people are slow. I don’t mean they’re physically slow. I mean they’re mentally slow. The things that they do makes me wonder if common sense is actually that common. There are a few things that they are doing that is starting to annoying me. I think one day, I’m just going to […]