Well, duh…

I think it is human nature for people to state the obvious. In a way, it’s a method to start up a conversation. It’s a good way to break the ice because if you state something that the other party agrees on, you’re off on the right foot. But then again, it could also lead to a short conversation where the other person just nods.

Usually when something is obvious, I refrain from stating it unless I really feel like speaking to the person. Majority of the time, I just let it pass as if it’s nothing out of the ordinary. If it’s raining outside, then it’s raining outside. I don’t think it’s necessary to tell the other person that it’s raining. Even a blind person can tell if it’s raining. But if it starts to rain while the sun is still shining then that might be something to discuss. I believe it’s called a “fox’s wedding” when it rains while the sun is out. I don’t know for sure and I’m not etymologist.

But not everyone is smart enough to detect the obvious. This is when you have to tell them a few times before they get the idea. Like this one time that I went to Burger King for lunch. The cashier that served me was a guy. Usually Burger King will stick the guys in the back to make the orders. Once he understands the orders, he’ll get put on cash so this guy is well experienced. He asked me for my order and I gave it to him. I told him that I wanted “the number one to go.” He punched in the order into the computer and then asked me “would you like fries and drinks with that?” If it hasn’t occurred to you yet, allow me to explain.

When someone asks for a “number 1” or any other number, it implies a combination of some sort. Most people will know that a combo includes a sandwich, a side order and a drink. The drinks are self served at Burger King so I don’t have to state which flavour I want. As for the fries, you do have the option of getting onion rings instead so maybe he was clarifying that. But if I wanted onion rings, I would have asked for it. Most fast food restaurants try and up sell so they make their employees ask you if you want more item. The way I see it, if the customer wanted more items, they would ask for it.

After the cashier entered my order, he asked if I wanted the order “for here or to go?” I like to make my order as easy as possible but for some reason, they always ask me this question. I know they’re going to ask me if I want it “for here or to go” that’s why I tell them this information at the beginning. It’s not like it’s a lot to remember.

Every time I make my order, I have to repeat myself. And if you tell them that you want a sandwich, a side order of fries and a coke, they won’t notice that you’ve just ordered a combo. So they’ll end up charging for all three items separately which will cost you more.

Things that should be obvious aren’t always obvious. It could be staring right at you and you won’t even notice it. A lot of people like to make things a lot more complicated then it needs to be. The answer is right there in front of them but they choose to look beyond the easy answer for some more complex. The simplest answer could be the right answer all along but for some reason, people can’t accept it.

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  1. No it’s not… when I worked at Burger King, I was working front cash and drive thru all by myself… and sometimes, I’d make the orders that I took… It’s harder at BK than McDonald’s…

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