Mr. Bigshot

I hate people who think they are better than the rest of us. Just because they are in a higher position in the company, they think they’re all smart and stuff. I don’t work well with the snobby type. I think those people are the least productive in the company. The higher they are in the corporate ladder, the least amount of work they do and yet they get paid a lot more than the little guys.

I think I’ve had issues with this guy at work from day one. He seems to always have this arrogant attitude towards me because he’s in a higher position. I can’t stand that sort of behaviour but I try not to let it get to me. I don’t think have any issues with anyone else but him. Lately, it seems has if he’s been more annoyed by me. Maybe that’s because he’s been promoted so now he thinks he’s even higher up.

I think the first thing that he did when he got promoted was create this one rule where no one is allowed to talk to the engineers. Instead of talking, he wanted us to send them an email. I think this is kind of dumb because the engineer’s office is about ten feet from my desk. That is worst than talking to your friend on MSN while you’re sitting right next to each other. I think it’s a lot easier for me to walk over to the engineer’s office and explain in person than it is to type out an email. I don’t know why wanted it done using this method but I think it’ll make things less productive. I can explain things verbally a lot better than I can if I was to write it out.

Plus the English around work isn’t all that great. Some of my coworkers will type the way they talk. If they pronounce one word a certain way, they will spell it like it’s sounds.

For example, there was an update on a trouble ticket regarding some work done. The update said something like “… instead of bodering wasting 6 days.” What on earth is “bodering?” I assumed the person meant “bothering.”

Another one was by my friend. He couldn’t perform a certain task because of “technical defecates.” I know what my friend was talking about but my manager had no clue whatsoever. This conversation was sent though email over a time span of twelve hours. And my friend wasn’t back into work for another twelve hours. If this is the way we’re supposed to communicate with each other at work, it’s going to take a long time before things get finished.

Another thing, judging from recent actions, he does not like to take orders from someone who is in a lower position then he is. The other day, my boss was on his way out so he wanted me to start up a task for Mr. Bigshot. I did as I was told and a task was opened within minutes.

Today, I went to go check that task and Mr. Bigshot updated it saying that my manager has to open it and then assign it to him. So he assigns the task to my boss. My boss in turn reassigns the task back to him. What a waste of time that was.

Apparently, he opened up the task, read the description, saw that I had opened it for him and just ignored it. Rather than doing the work, he reassigned the task to my boss only to get it reassigned back to him moments later. What does it matter who started the task? Work needs to be done and I can’t do that job because I don’t have proper access. So I don’t have a choice than to assign the job to someone with higher access.

It’s really simple if you think about it but he has to make things complicated. What happened to keeping it simple? Today, a coworker asked him about purchasing a laptop. I think he gives bad advice regarding some technological stuff. Maybe not bad advice but someone in his position should be able to give better advice. My coworker didn’t want to spend too much money on a laptop but what does he suggest? He suggested that she buy a laptop for $1500 at least. That’s a lot of money for a laptop. I wouldn’t spend that much on a laptop. For that much money, I’d get a Mac.

And this price was his minimum. I don’t have that kind of money to blow so I look around for sales. For the things that my coworker wanted the laptop to do, she could easily buy one for less than $1000. I bought my brother a laptop for less than $900. This was the price range that she was looking for but Mr. Bigshot suggested that she put out a little more money for something better. If someone is already on a budget, they don’t have anymore money to put out. When I get asked for advice on buying electronic stuff, I try and inform people not to spend more than a certain price.

The average user does not need to spend a lot of money on a laptop that will have minimal use. He recommended that if my coworker wanted to use Photoshop, she should get a laptop that doesn’t use an Intel Celeron processor because that isn’t going to be powerful enough. My laptop has an Intel Celeron processor and it works better than my Pentium 4 computer.

I don’t like to rant too much about a specific person but this is an exception. Who knows? Maybe he is a nice guy or something but my first impression of him wasn’t a good one. He seems to be the type who’s looking out for himself. And speaking to another employee in a condescending tone isn’t really appropriate for the work place. Everyone at your job should be there to help one another out. It’s hard to cooperate with an employee that talks down to another employee. If you’re looking for a productive work place, equality is the way to go. If you treat everyone around you with respect, your work environment will be more pleasant.

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