Watch the [deleted explicit] out!

WTF! in this case, does not mean “what the fuck!” In my case, I made it mean “watch the fuck out!” As you can tell, I’m pissed off at the moment because some dumb ass driver doesn’t know how to drive! It’s the 21st century where the car practically drives itself and yet human intervention causes the machine to malfunction and next thing you know, your car is in the ditch.

I was heading to work today but I had to make a stop at the gas station because I was running low. I filled up on gas and I had to get air in my tires because it looked flat. By the time I finished getting gas and air, it was almost 2:20 pm. You never know what traffic is going to be like around this time. Some days you’ll get a wide open road and on other days you’ll be stuck in a jam.

Usually, I take the 403 eastbound to Mississauga. Eventually, it forks and you can take on the 403 or take the Ford Drive. Both highways will take you to the same place. Today, I decided to take the Ford Drive because it will get me to work a bit faster. Once I get to Mississauga, it’s only a few blocks to my workplace. The other path is longer because I have to drive for five to ten minutes before reaching my workplace. The distance from Hamilton to both entrances to Mississauga is about the same. I think the big difference is the drive from the entrance to the workplace.

Anyway, about four kilometres from the City View Drive exit some asshole cuts into my lane because a truck switched into his lane. I’m driving right beside him but I guess he didn’t see. This is the reason why your driving instructor stresses the importance of checking your blind spot. Dumb ass driver slowly merges into my lane and almost side swipes me. The lane to my left was a carpooling lane so no one was driving there. I quickly swerved over to that lane and banged on my horn. This guy didn’t even bother to go back into his lane. What the hell is he thinking? He switches over to my lane, almost hit my car and continues driving as if nothing happened. My heart was beating like crazy, I started to get all hot and sweaty and I became overwhelmed with rage. I’d yell at the guy but I don’t think he’ll hear me so I tried to remain calm in order to get my ass off the highway.

When you’re angry and you’re driving, honking the horn doesn’t help too much. Screaming helps a little because you have to vent out your angry somewhere but it’s no good. I guess the only thing left is to just let the guy hit you. That way, you’ll be able to get out of the car to yell at him. At least this way, you’ll know for sure he’ll hear you. People like this should not have received their license. I want to know the examiner who passed this idiot. You’re on the highway going well over 100km/h and an error on your part could be fatal. A lot of drivers these days are inconsiderate about their surroundings. All that they care about are themselves.

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  1. Sadly… i had that experience like… 3 times… when some idiots changed lanes when i was there.. but i wasnt the driver tho… :s 2 times were truck drivers… and 1 time was an old aged man driver a pickup truck…

  2. Hey Don! Sounds scary. Hopefully you’re not too shaken by this. I would say speeding up, honking, giving the person the finger, yelling, and then honking some more would make me feel better. At the end of the drive, I would certainly be shaken, but at least I’d let them know that they f*cked up.

  3. ahhhh crap! that’s what i forgot to do.. it never occurred to me to give them the finger.. damn it! I’ll have to give them double next time…

  4. thank god your alive to be able to blog this Don Downthemountain…cause i have had that happen to me too..but on mud st. going towards the yah its winter raining at the same time im in my 4runner (rear wheel drive vehicle) not good when u go out of control..once u go ur gone…so anyways its close to 12 midnight on my way home from the wifey’s im going about 80 and picking up speed..some idoit in a luxury ass car goes in a turning left lane and realize oh this isnt my turn and turns back on to the other lane which im in and im going probably 100 now…i get in to the other lane as fast as i can before he hits my 4runner is out of control im all over the road pissed too…as im going left and right i see a ditch but some how my 4 runner put it self in the lane and speeds up itself somehow..cant really explain that part…so i fucken speed up high beem the shit out this fucker..he was soo scared he got the fuck off mud st. and i just went home and my truck was compeletly fine

  5. Oh, don… you know what i do? Honk for like 15 seconds NON STOP! Then, roll down the windows and SCREAM out the windows. It’s sad that I don’t have power windows, so even if the jerk is on the right side i scream out the driver side window lol

  6. This is where you bust out some 007 tricks. Press a button, a robotic arm reaches out and knock the sense out of him. Or better yet, get in front of him, stick your butt out and you know what… Since he doesn’t bother checking blind spot, he doesn’t need to see at all. Pile up a blob of diarrhea onto his windshield.

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