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I got off work and went to go chill with Alvin and Tan. While at Tim Horton’s, Alvin mentioned about a promotion with Bell Sympatico where you get a free 19″ monitor. Usually promotions like this only apply to new customers. So I thought about canceling my internet service and then getting one of my brothers to sign up a new customer to get the flat panel monitor. But it turns out, that was not necessary.

The promotion was for a free Dell 19″ LCD flat panel montor, a $249 value, if you sign up to go on a two year contract with Bell Sympatico. For signing up for two years, you get your first month of internet free, the next three months are $20 each and the free monitor. I wasn’t sure if I qualified since I was already an existing customer. So I check their website and saw that the promotion applies to new and exisiting customers. But just to be sure, I called in to verify.

Dell 19

I remember signing up for a one year contract but I forgot when I started that so I called up Sympatico and got some information regarding my account. The customer representative that I spoke with was chewing gum and talking to me at the same time but that didn’t bother me too much, as long as she says the things I want to hear. I asked her about my contract and she informed me that it was well over, about two years over. Then I asked her about the promotion and asked her if I signed up for another two years, would I qualify for the monitor. She answered, “Yes.” A big giant grin came across my face. She placed me on hold and sent the contract to my Sympatico email account. All I had to do was view that email, read over the contract and click on the “Agree” button that came with the email. I didn’t even bother to read anything. I just click on the “Agree” button and replied to the email.

So now comes the waiting game. The customer representative informed me that the monitor can take between ten to fifteen days for it to be delivery. I’m going to have to bare with my current monitor for the time being. But in a couple of weeks, I’m going to have a brand spanking new flat panel LCD display! If anyone wants to sign up, you have until September 30, 2006 before the promotion is over.

Update: Brand spanking new LCD

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  1. Well, I’ve heard a lot more complaints about cable internet than I have about DSL… I’m not a hardcore downloader so Bell is fine with me.. if they want to give me a free monitor, who am I to complain? 😀

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