Do you have the time?

I’ve recently purchased a new watch. I’d figured, I’d save some money and rather than buying a new band for my current watch, I would just buy a new watch. I’m a geek so I’m into the electronic stuff. If it’s an analog watch, there has to be something electronic about it before I buy it.

I’m a fan of Fossil and I love their design. The current watch that I have now is a mix between analog and digital. It doesn’t have digits to tell you the time but instead it has hands that spin. But the liquid crystal display (LCD) behind the hands is the electronic part that caught my eye. The LCD displays the seconds but it’s in Chinese. The numbers around the dial is also in Chinese. Sometimes, it’s hard for me to tell the time because my brain translates the Chinese numbers before I can say it aloud in English. If it takes too long, I just show person my watch if they want to know the time.

The new watch that I’ve bought is sort of the same style. It has an LCD that displays the seconds but this time in English. The major difference that is noticeable between this watch and any other watch that I’ve bought is the leather band. Usually, I’m not a big fan of the leather band but this one is more stylish than the previous. It almost looks as if I’m wearing a wrist band instead of a watch.


Originally, this watch cost USD$75 but I bought it for CDN$62 so I saved about CDN$20. It came with in a green tin.


I don’t want to spend too much because it is just a watch and you don’t really need one to tell the time. You can look all around and can probably find a time piece somewhere. If all else fails, just look at your shadow and take a guess at the time.


The leather band may take a little time to get use to because I rarely wear anything made from leather. It does fit rather comfortably around my wrist though. I wear my watch on my right hand but it’s made to be worn on the left hand. If I want to change the time, I’ll have to take it off because it’s a little awkward to adjust the time with my left hand. The dial to change the time is located on the right side of the watch but that’s no big deal. All in all, I am liking the watch. It’s very stylish and it’s something different.

5 replies on “Do you have the time?”

  1. lol… that’s probably a computer geek watch! i’ve seen someone in class with a watch very similar to that… with the background seconds thingie… ;D

    wearing a watch to me is uncomfortable… so i rather just have a watch without the bands and throw it in my pocket… ;D (i’ll probably never get use to wearing a watch ;D)

  2. oh… you should wear your watch like the Monopoly guy… get rid of your glasses and trade it in for the one piece eye glass… while you’re at it, shave your head too.. 😛

  3. boo to him… i never liked him… or known him!! (or played the game for that matter, someone has to teach meeee!!)

  4. Hahaha.. I have the same type of watch band as this new watch of your’s. At first I didn’t like it. But as time goes by, I liked it more and more. That band is actually an “in” thing now eh. I’ve seen many people wearing that type. And some even ask for this type of band while shopping for a watch. We’re cool Don!!!

  5. I think I’m going to go with the leather band from now on. The metallic band that I have seems to always break for some reason so I have to spend $20 on a new one.

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