Point and shoot

Photography is an art where images are processed by capturing light. I was never a big fan of any kind of art. When I look at a painting, I see a painting and nothing more. I never quite understood the phrase, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” After playing around with a camera, I am slowly starting to understand the concept behind photography and that phrase.

Back in high school, photography was nothing to me. The thought of it never even crossed my mind. I was busy tinkering with car engine, creating metal objects with the lathe and solving mathematical equations. Anything that was art related, I pretty much stayed away from. I didn’t take any art classes or drama classes. I took music but only for the first semester. I was an average guy taking courses that average guys took. I would have never imagined that I would be doing something today that I disliked back in high school.

Come to think of it, everything I’m doing now are things that I barely touched in high school. And things that I touched in high school are things that I’m barely doing today. I’m a computer guy but I think I only took a couple of courses that were computer related. I learned how to type and learned how to do some desktop publishing. I’ve taken a programming class but I wasn’t that good at it. My marks for computer classes were barely over 60%. My marks in auto class and designing and technology class were in the 90’s.

When it came time to fill out a college application, auto mechanics and manufacturing were not one of the choices that I went with. Instead, I applied for three subjects in the Information Technology field. All the time I’ve spend working on car had no influence on my post secondary choice. I think my choice to go into computers was something that came out of the blue. I wasn’t that big of a computer geek back then. All I did on my computer was play games. I wasn’t coding a virus or hacking away at other computer systems. I would be sitting there playing Doom all day long. It sort of surprises me a little that I went off on a tangent to some whole other field other than auto mechanics.

I think the reason why I went into the computer field was because I had more hands on experience with a computer than a car. I didn’t get my first computer until grade 10. But when I got one, I was on it a lot. Meanwhile, I only worked on cars during auto class. Even in the manufacturing class I was working on the computer. I had to convert my blue print of the Stanley cup into computer numeric control code. I even used a computer to enter instructions for a servo of a robotic arm. This explains my fascination with computers but what about photography?

I guess I started getting interested in photography after seeing still images of other people’s work. The one that made me think was a picture of Hamilton. I’ve lived in this city for over twenty years and I almost didn’t recognize the area where the picture was taken. That was when I started thinking about seeing things from a different point of view and so I gave it a shot.
Age gives you a whole new perspective on life and so does photography. It gives you the ability to look at same things that other people see but only from a different angle. I’ve always been open minded about things and I try to get others to be the same way. But not everyone grew up the same way I did. They have been influenced by someone or something else and they can’t see pass a certain barrier. If they believe one thing is right then looking at it front a different point of view is wrong. If something can’t be done, they jump to the conclusion that it’s impossible.

At the moment, there are still a lot of things that I still have to learn about my new camera. I am slowly starting to get the hang of things. I understand how exposure works, how the aperture and the shutter speed work. I’m starting to see the reason why an image turns out the way it does depending on these different settings. The more I tinker around with the dials, the more I’ll understand my camera. I’ve been using a camera my whole life but I’ve never taken the time to understand how it works. I guess it’s about time I start.