Patience wearing thin

I had to get up pretty earlier today to bring my mom to the doctor’s office. I didn’t get much sleep last night so I dreaded going there. I hate having to go there for any reason. You have to wait forever for your turn. I don’t think the wait is worth it. The doctors aren’t that good so it’s kind of pointless to go in the first place.

The office hours for the clinic were 10:00am – 7:00am. We got there at 10:00am in order to try and beat the line up. But when we arrived, a line up had already formed. We were sixth in line. On average, it’s about thirty minute wait per patient so being sixth would mean that there’s a two and a half hour wait. Shit!

I was already tired from the night before and waiting makes you even more tired. I must have dozed off a few dozen times before getting up and going out to get some coffee. But even that didn’t help much. I still felt like sleeping. Coffee is supposed to help you stay awake but it takes about thirty minutes before it kicks in but it had no effect.

After two hours of waiting, my mom’s name was called out. I was excited because now it’s almost over. But no! We have to wait another thirty freaking minutes. The patients that were called after us even got served first. It got to the point where I wanted to punch something real bad. I was tired and I was getting cranky but I didn’t want to let it show. I started punching the examination table but it didn’t help much. There was a scale by the wall so I started jumping on that. That didn’t help either but it did comfirm that I haven’t gained much weigh since high school. I started to get up and pacing back and forth but still nothing. I was growing more and more impatient.
While I was waiting, the phone rang. Not my phone, the office’s phone. The reception didn’t even bother to answer it. And the person who called didn’t want to hang up so the phone rang for about three minutes. When you’re getting impatient from all the waiting, a telephone ringing gets annoying after the first couple of rings. By now, I just wanted to punch a hole in the wall.

Every time I go to this clinic, my patience gets tested. The reason why I don’t bother to get sick every year is because I can’t stand waiting two hours to see the doctor. I would rather suffer through the illness than wait to be examined. And when you finally get to see the doctor, you’re talking to them for five minutes. What kind of a trade off is that? You wait two flippin’ hours for five flippin’ minutes. It’s has gotten so bad that people would sign in and leave. After two hours they would come back, wait a few minutes and their names would be called. But the clinic has this rule now saying that you can’t leave because if you do and your name gets called and you’re not there, you get put at the end of the line. I think it would be better if they started using some sort of appointment scheduling system. That would reduce the amount of waiting and everyone will be happy.
When I was sick, the medicine that they prescribe me doesn’t do a thing for my health. To test out that theory, I stopped going to the doctors when I got sick. My parents would yell at me all the time because I would be coughing my lungs out but I won’t go see the doctor. So far, that theory is working. I’m letting my immune system fight off the illness and when it has won, it builds antibodies so I can’t get sick from the same illness. I don’t think I’ve gone to the doctors in over ten years. The last time I had to take prescribed medicine was when I had my wisdom tooth taken out. For all I know, I could be a walking antidote for every disease known to exist.

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  1. Haha @ Don,

    I know which doctor you went to! It’s stupid Dr. Ng’s office! I hate it there too! I tried to beat the line once before too… i thought i would be clever and go before school @ 10am. I was 3rd in line (behind 2 old people) and I didn’t get seen until 12:15pm. I was pissed cuz I had school @ 1:30 and I thought I was going to be late. I swear to god that place blows. The ONLY good thing about that place is that it’s like a drop in clinic where appointments are not necessary. So like if you’re SERIOUSLY sick, you can see a doctor today, and not tomorrow. I agree with you about the 5 min visit though. You wait all frigging day long… and they talk to you for 5 mins and write a prescription. -_-

  2. lol… so true… ;D

    Dr. Ng’s office rocks! In some way… alright… it sucks like hell… and I really mean it… -_-;; its usually a friggin’ 2 hour wait, then when you finally get into the office… its another friggin’ 30 minute wait… then by the time the doctor arrives… you’re probably expecting the best diagnosis you’ll get to make up for all that waiting… but it ends quick 5 minute talk and there’s your prescription! “Thank you Doctor! Good bye!” ;D And, I dont think I’ve been to the doctors for a few years either…

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