Hanging with the wrong crowd

I think I should reconsider the crowd I hang out with. It’s not a bad crowd but it’s just hard to get my two cents in when all they seem to talk about is online video games. Most of us are in our twenties and I think it’s well pass the age where video games plays a major factor in our daily lives.

I don’t mind talking about games sometimes but usually the topic of discussion is regarding a game that I’ve never played before. I stopped playing video game on a daily basis since the start of college. I was just too busy with my studies to be wasting time on video games. One time, I got so fed up with all the video gaming discussion that I didn’t bother going out when my friend called me out. Every time we went out and chilled, it was the same thing. Final Fantasy this, Gunbound that. And when they weren’t talking about it, it was dead silent. Most of the time, it was like they were speaking a whole other language. I would hear about how they would provoke some game monster. One of them would start to get pissed off at another player because that player wasn’t provoking. They were really submerged in this game. Role playing took a whole new meaning. They weren’t role playing anymore. They were actually living the game.

I still can’t understand how they can spend so much time on a game. My friend countered by saying that he couldn’t understand how I can spend so much time programming. That made sense a little but it’s still not clear. When I’m programming or designing a web site, I’m being productive. Even if I’m not making any money, I am learning. Because of the fact that I’m learning, I’m benefiting where as they are just playing. You make money in the game but that doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re making money in real life.

There will be the odd time when we discuss more important. I think my friend Tan got it right when he said that we should be talking about life. It’s rare that he’s right about something because he’s usually wrong like 99.95% of the time. Every time I go and chill with him, he always brings up the topic about learning this and learning that. This guy is constantly learning new things everyday. I’m surprised that he hasn’t surpassed me in web developing yet. He has the motivation to learn but he lacks focused it takes to see it through.

I think that with most things, the lack of motivation slows you down a lot. Sometimes I find myself just staring at the monitor when I’m half way through a project. Right now, I should have all the photographs uploaded to the server for this clothing store that I’m working on. But somewhere down the road, I stopped. This is very unprofessional of me because the person who runs the store could be losing out on potential business. I don’t want to cause him revenue because of my laziness. I think that is where my motivation to continue lies. The thought that someone will lose because I did not take the initiative to see things through, makes me want to finish what I started.

Sometimes, I think that your surroundings play an important role when it comes to motivation. I can’t work well when I’m at home because I have things that distract me. When I was in college, I stayed on campus until 10:00pm or until security kicked me out, whichever came first. Being on campus allowed me to concentrate on what needed to be done. When I’m at home, I have the television, music and a pool table to distract me. And then there’s that whole instant messaging distraction as well.

But I don’t think that your surroundings are the only thing that motivates you. Your friends and family are there to help you as well. They have the ability to push you up or bring you down. When I have a big project to work on, I try not to socialize too much with my friends because a lot of my friends have some sort of problem, be it little or big. When you hear about the problems that others are going through you start to feel their pain. And if you’re feeling their pain, you’re not in the right mood to be working.

So I’m not saying that I should stop hanging out with my gaming friends. I’m just saying that while I have projects to work on, I should stay away from them until I get my work done. I’m sure there’s more to life than massive multiplayer online game. It’s probably nice to play once in a while but I can’t stand playing more than two minutes of it. All you do is go around fighting monsters, getting items and leveling up. I haven’t heard of any of my friends receiving an award because they made it to level 60 in World of Warcraft. In the end, you’ll just get bored of it and end up selling your character on eBay.

Right now, I do a lot of reflecting on life so I think that I should start hanging out with friends that does the same. Last night, my brothers, a few friends and I were outside my house just talking about stuff. We were up until 4:00am just talking. One friend mentioned his music career and that sparked a conversation between the other friends. I don’t know much about music but their conversation got me interested. I can tell by the way they were talking that they were serious about the direction that they are heading in life. That is where I want to be at too. I want to know where I’m going. I can see where I’m going but I just can’t see where I will end up.

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  1. hmm, I hope ppl can’t find out who! i am. hehhehe. but anyway are you talking about me too, cause i am a true hardcore gamers, you better not lets others see this blog or else powhooww ouch.. hide don, hide.. but ya, laws in Canada, freedom of speaks.. U do whatever, and says whatever you want.. hehehehe. but ya you had landed on the goals mine..

  2. I use to like playing age of empire because everyone played it back then. Now the games are getting more complicated and i can’t keep up man. We are a lot older now, gaming ain’t even on my mind anymore…wait, i’m waiting for a nintendo wii, that’ll bring gaming back for me maybe…but seriously, your right it’s time to do grown up things like getting your life straight.

  3. Hehe… I used to be sucked into a game for 2 years and ended up playing as soon as I get home and as soon as I wake up too ;D Good thing the server wiped out the database a few times and its down now or else I think I’d still be playing it.

    I think I just played it a lot for competition amongst other players. First, you start off playing for fun, then you start to understand some mechanics of the game which you can use to your advantage, and finally, you just want to find the items that’ll make you above others. Its a pretty fun way of competing while it lasted I must say, and I had a lot of fun, but I’ll have to agree that it was the biggest waste of 2 years I ever had. Even games like final fantasy could be finished in 2 weeks or so, but MMORPGs are just (in today’s more common terms) like drugs. ;D I haven’t played a game for that long since then, other than some short 30 to 60 min. games to relax.

  4. I totally understand what you’re saying Don, and I think the game holds back people from doing things that really do mean something in life.

    I understand how people can play on the game everyday as well. It’s partly because there are people they know online too, so you go on to kind of hang out with them in the virtual world. So it’s like you make friends in the game and you just go online to see them. But what’s weird is that you’ll go online everyday to see this stranger to hang out with them, but when your everyday friends call you, you won’t go out cuz you’re too busy with “the game”

    I’ve seen how ugly the game can make a person, and not only in one person, but lots of people who play those multiplayer online games. I have a colleague that I haven’t seen for pretty much almost 2 years now because he spends all of his time on WoW. It’s weird because he used to be one of the guys I chilled with when he had lunch breaks, and it seems as though he’s disappeared from the face of the earth now.

    You are who you hang around with. I believe it’s true. If your child hangs out with some ‘gangstas’ then he’s gonna be one of those wanna be gangstas, but also I think it depends on the way you’re brought up as well. If you can resist the temptation of doing what’s right instead of doing what’s cool you’ve made it and your parents should be proud of you. (As well as you being proud of your parents raising you right!)

    What’s ironic is that before you log onto Final Fantasy XI, there is a disclaimer that says something like “Don’t forget about your friends, family, school or work” which is funny because everyone knows that people do forget about their friends, family, school and work so it’s not a new idea. I can say for sure that I have a few examples of people so caught up, that it’s like the only reason they get out of bed early for.

  5. Yeah, I’ve seen that message before. It’s sad to hear that a game has to tell you to live your life. I’ve heard lots of stories of people getting really involved in the game, that the online world is their reality.

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