Old artwork

I was going through my database the other day and getting rid of tables that I didn’t use any more. After dropping a few tables I came across a table where I stored some of my old artwork. Rather than storing the picture as a file, I stored the information into the database and used PHP to read it and output the images. They were images that I made using Photoshop back at the beginning of 2005. My how the time has changed.

Alvin and Donald goes to Dundurn Castle

I made this movie poster after watching Harold and Kumar. Meet Alvin and Donald, two crazy Asian guys are looking for food. While Harold and Kumar went to White Castle, Alvin and Donald went to Dundurn Castle. Dundurn Castle is one of Hamilton’s landmarks. I’ll take a picture of it one day. A lot of people got a kick out of this poster because Alvin looked like he was a starving china man. And I just looked at him as if he’s crazy… because he is.


With this image, I was playing around with layers. I took the wings a couple of birds and stuck them behind me. Originally, I had just one set of wings but there was still extra space so I added the wings from another big. The hardest part of this picture was cropping out the wings. I had to zoom in really close to extract each feathers. At the time, I didn’t know too many tricks to get rid of the background. It took me quite some time but now I can do it with out any problems.

Static charge

I don’t remember 100% making this picture. I sent a copy of the original picture to Alvin and I think he played around and did some editing on this too. I remember making the lightning stuff though. The lightning effect is achieved by rendering some clouds and then playing with levels until you get the right amount of lightning. Then you just add a Hue/Saturation layer to get the colours.

Walking in the rain

The same goes for this one except I added a layer that had rain on it. The rain effect is made by creating a layer and then adding noise to that layer. After that, you motion blur the noise in the direction you want the rain to fall. Then you just lower the opacity levels of the lay so the layer beneath can be seen. The wall in the background was made in Photoshop as well. There’s a filter that will make it for you but I don’t remember which one it is at the moment.

Good vs. Evil

Last but not least, another movie poster about good and evil. At the time, I was looking to create a theme where the visitors can chose between two different layouts. I wanted to make a light coloured layout and a dark coloured layout. This image was supposed to be the main page that the visitors see. The guy in white is supposed to be the good guy but I made him look like he’s the bad guy. The guy in black was supposed to be the bad guy but he doesn’t really look like he’s a bad guy. So I guess the roles were reverse. The Chinese character should say “Good” and “Evil” but I’ve never gotten that confirmed yet. You can’t see it too clearly but there’s a tattoo on the evil guy’s neck. That’s supposed to be Don in Chinese but I don’t know that for sure either.

Looking back at my old work, I can see that I’ve improved a bit. I barely do any major manipulations with pictures anymore. If I’m doing photo editing, I’m changing the picture so it looks a bit more artistic. Back then, the majority of the things I did were copied from tutorials. But as I become more knowledgeable with Photoshop, I slowly start to create my own art. Like most things, you start off by copying others and then you slowly work your way to creating your own style.