Get off your lazy arse

In recent news, Segway had to recall 23,500 of their self-balancing scooters due to a software glitch. These scooters sell from $4,000 to $5,000. I don’t know if anyone else agrees but you have to be rich and lazy to own one of these. The technology that they use to manufacture the Segway scooters is kind of redundant. It’s a waste of time and money to be putting all that research into something that’s not really needed.

If you don’t know what a Segway scooter is, it’s an electrical scooter with two wheels. There’s one wheel on one side and another wheel on the other side. The Segway scooter balances the platform that the riders stand on, using some sort of gyroscope to keep itself upright. It can go up to 20km/h and has a battery that will last for 24km. You move by leaning in the direction you want to move in. If you want to stop, you just stand straight up. Their engineers call it “closed-loop dynamic stability control.” I call it bullshit.

The reason why they are being recalled is because a software glitches that causes the wheels to move in the opposite direction which in turn will throw the rider about a couple of feet. Anyone who can afford one of these can probably afford to get a few bumps or bruises. Maybe the fall will knock some sense into them. Instead of buying this scooter, they can put their money towards something better. It’s not like it’s a new technology or something.

You have to stand on these scooters if you want to ride them. These scooters aren’t like the one where you sit down on so what’s the point in buying it? You can purchase a scooter from Honda for half the price and it comes with a seat. For a few extra bucks, Honda might even throw in a horn. People who buy these are probably lazy so I don’t think that making them stand up will help them. If they buy it because they can’t walk too far, then they might as well buy a scooter with a seat. If you need one of these because you can’t walk too far, chances are, your reflexes aren’t that good either. You’ll be cruising at 20km/h and if a cat jumps out in from of you, that cat is going to be losing one of its nine lives. Maybe it’ll lose all nine lives because the software glitch will cause the scooter to change direction, which in turn will repeatedly run over the cat.

If you’re smart, you will make a scooter instead of buying it. Save yourself the money. If you want a home made self-balancing scooter, buy a tricycle. No need to go hi-techy and create a self-balancing. All you have to do is stick in a third wheel and all your problems are solved. For the Segway scooters, you are paying too much for the features that it comes with. Basically, you’re paying for a machine that will stand up on its own.

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  1. heh, I heard of that a year ago I think…

    It was being discussed as a replacement for walking and concerns would be that people won’t be getting enough exercise… (not that most of us are getting enough anyways)…

    I thought it was cool though, but I really didnt think it’d be practical anywho… ;D just try to imagine an elevator full of these things xD

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