Don’t laugh, stupid

Have you noticed that things are usually funnier when it is happening to somebody else? But when it happens to you, you just get pissed off? I’m one of those people who like to laugh at other people’s misfortune. Well, I wouldn’t say I like it but my laughter tends to come out. There are times when it’s during awkward moment where you’re not supposed to laugh. And other time, the event is just too funny to contain.

I saw a guy on a bike get hit by a car. I was walking home from work and I had just crossed the street. As I was crossing a guy in a blue Cavalier drove up and stopped. King Street is pretty busy around 3:00pm so he had to wait for quite some time. The driver started to get a little impatient so he started inching forward. This part of King Street was a one way street going westbound. The driver looked to his left and continued to inch forward. A guy in a mountain bike passes by me going relatively slow. I turned to look back as he passed me because I had a feeling something was going to happen. The driver kept looking to his left because that’s where traffic was coming from and he didn’t bother to look to his right.

As the biker passed in front of the car, the driver inched forward. All I heard coming from the biker was, “Yo! Yo yo yo!” And then “clunk!” Or whatever sound effect you want to make. The biker landed on the hood of the car and the proceeds to roll down to the ground. I tried to contain my laugher but I couldn’t and it just came out. Not a funny situation here, my friends. But because the biker screamed out “Yo!” a few times, I think that got to me.

He was down on the ground for a bit before the driver got out of his car. He had this confused look on his face too. I guess he didn’t see the bike crossing the street. It’s hard to see someone crossing the street when you’re not looking in the right direction. Another pedestrian walked over to help the biker up but he didn’t get up. I noticed that one of his legs was bleeding. I don’t know why though because the car wasn’t going that fast.

Once in a while, I’ll be walking down the mall when I see a blind guy walk into a pole. I smile and try not to laugh but deep down inside I’m laughing out loud. I try to look away so it won’t make the situation any worse but my face is facing one way while my eyes are looking another. And the blind guy kept turning the wrong way so he kept bumping into other things. Repetition is somewhat a key to humour.

Another time, I saw a blind guy walk towards a ramp. He was doing great until he got to the entrance of it. He continued walking but I but he turned too earlier and walked into the edge of the rails. And you know that move that guys do when you get hit down there, where we’re crouched down a bit with our asses sticking out, well he did that for like two seconds and then carried on.

I guess in situations like this, it might not be polite to laugh but I think it’s okay as long as you’re not an ass about it. Life is full of ups and downs and usually when you look back on it, you’ll have a good laugh here and there. I usually tell people to try look on the bright side of things when something bad happens. Life goes on so you shouldn’t let things bring you down.