Groomsman, once again

My friend Sao called me up the other night asking if I was hungry. It was rather late and I had some errands to run the next morning but I was a bit hungry. Heck, I’m always hungry no matter what time it is. I didn’t have anything else to do so I asked where he wanted to meet. There aren’t many places that are open after midnight. Hamilton is pretty much dead after 9:00pm. We talked for a bit and decided to meet up at the Burger King that’s located on Upper James.

I’ve been having a lot of late night munchies lately. I’ll eat during the day but by the time night comes, I get hungry again. My metabolism should be slowing down around my age but it seems to be moving quickly. I’ll eat like crazy but I won’t gain a single pound. I was 155lbs when I was in high school. I weighed myself a couple of weeks ago and I am still 155lbs, give or take a few.

So anyway, I get to Burger King and Sao and Sokie are already inside waiting in line. I get in and make my order and we sit down. Moments later, Lucas shows up from where ever he was. He goes and makes his order and joins us later. Then Sao tells me the reason why we called us out. He and Sokie are going to be married next October and he wanted to ask us to be the groomsman. I think there’s going to be about five groomsman and five bridesmaids. Lucas and I are two and Sao’s brother Sotra is another and the other two are from London. I have no idea who the bridesmaids are because they are probably Sokie’s friends from London.

We discussed a little bit about what to wear. Sao and Sokie decided on having it in October so they are going for a fall theme. The guys will be wearing a black tuxedo with an orange vest. Lucas and I are hoping that we don’t have to wear bow ties. I am fine with a tie but I think we’re a bit too old to be wearing bow ties. Sao was thinking about wearing all white to match Sokie’s dress but we told him that it would clash a bit.

When the day of the wedding arrives, the guys in Hamilton will have one of those stretched SUV limo pick us up and drive us to London. They are renting the limo from the time the wedding ceremony starts until the end of the reception. The reception is going to be held in a hotel. Sao and Sokie get to stay in the honeymoon suite while the guests get to stay over night in another room that’s prepaid for. The rented room is for anyone that plans on getting drunk that night. Of course, I can’t go home because I won’t have a ride so I have no choice but to sleep over.

This is my second time being a groomsman and I think it might be my last. In my culture, there’s a things that says that you get to be groomsman twice and the third time you are part of the wedding, it is supposed to be your own. I guess this superstition is almost like the one where the girl who catches the bouquet is the next to marry.

6 thoughts on “Groomsman, once again

  1. wicked Don Downthemountain!..i didnt even know i was gonna be a groomsman..haha…what a way to find out

  2. Wow, Sao’s getting married already? A little too early for the modern world wouldn’t you think? Unless they’re really REALLY ready.. something happened or.. desperate? 😛

  3. I don’t know if it’s too early. There are a lot of people who gets married after a year. In my opinion, I think it’s a bit early but I think that a year is enough time to get to know the other person.

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