$5 hunting

I live close to an area where there could possibly be a lot of drunken people. There is a place called Hess Village and it’s located a few blocks away. And a couple of blocks west, you’ll be able to find a poll hall. The area that I live in is located close to everything. I don’t know why people would want to move out of here. The air quality might be bad but unless you move out of the city to somewhere north, you’re going to get air that is roughly similar.

Earlier today, I had to drop off a CD at Alvin’s place. We had a business meet with a potential client around 2:00pm. I couldn’t go to the meeting because I had errands to attend to. My mom had a wedding to go to so I drove her around to places to get ready. Speaking of weddings, my long time friend Sao is going to be getting married next year but I’ll leave that for tomorrow’s entry. As for the wedding today, my parents will be attending. I’m not sure who’s wedding it is but I think it’s the wedding where the people went all out on the invitation. The card was professionally done and the R.S.V.P card came with a stamped envelope. I think a Cambodian person is getting married to a Spanish person. That’s about all I remember from the invitation.

Anyway, sorry, I got a little off topic. What is $5 hunting you ask? Well, before I went over to Alvin’s I moved my car into the driveway. The reason behind that was because Bylaw came by and ticketed a bunch of cars that were parked on our street. There’s a one hour parking limit in place and you needed a parking permit if you wanted to park there for a longer period of time. That permits costs $60 a year. Someone must have been mad about all the parking spaces being taken up by students that they went to City Hall and complained about it. I always thought that in order to get something like that in place, you would require the consent of the people that live on the street. At least, you need the consent of everyone if you wanted that sign removed.

Usually, I park in the drive way because there’s no permit for the car yet but my younger brother parked there last night. So I had to park in front of my driveway. Bylaw came by earlier in the morning and ticketed a bunch of us. I was talking to my neighbour and he told me that he and the other neighbours got a ticket as well. That confused me because they have a permit to park there so they shouldn’t have received a ticket. He’s assuming that the Bylaw person gave everyone a ticket because it’s a $12 and no one has time to fight it so we’ll have to pay it. I told him that I’ll go and fight it for everyone because it’s stupid for the others to pay for the ticket even though their car has a permit to park there. Anyway, I’m getting off topic again.

Back to $5 hunting. On my way back home from Alvin’s I found $5 lying on the ground outside of Hess St. School. It rained last night so the bill was a bit wet. The $5 dollar bill was laying flat on the ground with Laurier facing up. It was as if Laurier called out to me and told me to look down because if I had continued to look forward, I would have missed it completely. I usually walk and look forward but if it’s sunny out, I look town to the ground a lot. Today, I was looking down because of the stupid parking ticket. But finding the $5 bill made me totally forget about the parking ticket. The bill was still wet so I didn’t want to stick it in my pocket. Instead, I folded in half carefully, and walked home with it. The crazy people in the halfway house were outside so I had to hide my money from them or else they would ask me for $2.

When I got home, I placed the bill on top of my computer fan to let it dry. Then I wondered what the chances are of people losing $5 every Friday night. I’m usually up late at night or out late to be awake early in the morning. So if can manage to get up early enough and I could probably go looking for lost $5 bills. Most drunk people don’t keep track of their money. They probably just stick their hands in their pockets and grab whatever change they have to pay for their drinks. But being drunk makes them a little clumsy. They could lose money and not even know it. To some people $5 might not be much but to me that’s a lot. It’s enough to buy me lunch for the day when I’m at work. So, if I can find $5 Saturday morning and then another Sunday morning, I can buy myself lunch when I work the weekend.