Serenity now

I like going through one of those automatic car washing facilities. It’s a bit expensive to have your car wash using that method but once your car goes through it, it feels nice. The last time I took my car through one of those was a long time ago when I had the Civic. Nowadays, I just wait until it rains and let the rain wash my car for free.

This summer, there were a lot of places that were holding cash washes from $5 or so. I think most of them were having a fundraiser of some sort. I almost got into a little accident while staring at the girl that was advertising the car wash. But I didn’t go in to have my car washed by a few sexy looking ladies in wet t-shirts and short shorts. Who in their right mind would do that, anyway?

I prefer the automatic car washes because it does a pretty thorough job at washing the car. You go in and it squirts water at you, then applies the job and then rinses it off. If you could afford it, you can opt for the wax too which I never did because I didn’t need my car to be super shiny. There’s a car wash located on the mountain that will do all these for $5, I think. I remember something like $5. When you go through the car wash, it’s like you’re in a whole other world.

For some reason, I get this feeling of security when I go through the car wash. I get that feeling because I’m inside my car while there are a whole lot of things that are occurring outside. There’s water being sprayed towards you at high speed, there’s soap foam all over the place and tentacle-like looking things that wipes it all off.

There’s chaos occurring right before your eyes and yet you are safe and dry. The water is hitting the car windows and it makes this really peaceful tone. A lot of water is hitting all the windows at the same time but the rhythm at which they hit makes things sounds calm. And then when the soap comes, that looks ever more peaceful. You see white soap flowing down and then it gets swirled around. It’s a nice sight. And when all the soap gets cleaned off and you head towards the exit, it looks like you’ve reach that light at the end of the tunnel and that makes you relax even more.

I feel the same way during a rain storm and I’m at home. I just stare out the window onto the dark street and I get this feeling of serenity. With the window open a little bit, I can feel a nice cool breeze enter into the house. I can hear the sound of each rain drop hitting the objects that are sitting outside. Sometimes, it gives me shivers and I start to get goose bumps over my arms but it’s a good kind of shiver. It’s pretty much the same feeling of security that I get when I go to the car wash.

I find myself at peace when it rains. I remember when I was younger, back in Thailand I would run around in the rain butt naked. That is the most vivid memory I have of my days when I was back home. I’ve even rode my bike in the rain once. It was raining like crazy but I still stayed outside to ride my bike a few more laps. I got in trouble for it though but I didn’t care. And sometimes when it rains while I’m walking home, I don’t bother running for shelter. If I don’t have any electronics gadgets on me, I just walk calmly in the rain.