Wow, 3 cents!

I don’t know what it is about these big guys with money but they seem to want every penny of it back. It’s a lot easier to just write it off then to have to bother the little guys for that money. Who’s going to take the time out of their busy schedule to pay back 3 cents? I could if I wanted to but I think I’m going to wait a while.

Last week I finished paying off my student loan. When I got paid from work, I immediately transferred the remaining amount over to OSAP, every single penny. Or so I thought. I went back to check the status of the loan a few days later and saw that there was still a balance of 3 cents. Apparently, 3 cents had accumulated since the last time I checked the site. I don’t feel like paying off these 3 cents because I have a limited amount of transaction that I can perform each month. If I go over that limit, I will be charged extra in monthly fees.

Right now, it’s a debate as to whether I should pay the 3 cents and get it over with or just let it sit there and gain interest. It will take a long time for 3 cents to gain enough interest to make 4 cents. I’m thinking that maybe I should mail them 3 cents. Find 3 pennies that’s lying around somewhere and just tape it to the inside of the envelope and mail it to them. I’m sure that they will like that very much. I’m just afraid that if I don’t pay those 3 cents, they will make a big fuss over it and ruin my credit rating. The government is cheap so I think they’ll want every last penny. If I can’t find 3 pennies and send them a nickel, chances are they’ll keep the change.

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  1. Modern payment method! Here, in Vietnam, we pay directly to the accountant department.
    Hey, 3cents could accumulate to huge amount someday 😉

  2. hehehe that’s someday is going to take a long time… it would probably get to 4 cents in a year.. it would cost them more to send me a yearly statement than it would to just write it off.

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