Queer as folks

In this day and age, a lot of people are openly gay. I haven’t kept up with the news but I think the law has been passed for gay people to get married. It doesn’t really affect me because I’m straight but not a lot of people are comfortable with it yet. I don’t know why they have a problem with gay people because it doesn’t concern them. The way I see it, if there are a lot of gay guys in the city then it’s all good. The more gay guys there are, the more girls that will be left for the straight guys unless the majority of those girls are lesbians then that’s not so good.

I was introduced to this gay thing back in high school. There was this one guy who everyone thought was gay. I don’t want to be a stereotype and agree but he sort of fits the profile. His name is Ren but he preferred to be called Renier, as if it was French. When I heard that, I assumed he was gay but I think that was his full name. The thing was, I have never met the guy. Everything I knew about him was from word of mouth. There were people saying that he had a website where he’s laying on the beach in his Speedo. If that doesn’t say gay, I don’t know what does.

I didn’t actually get to meet him until my college year. Some of the friends that I made in college knew him from high school. My friend and I were chilling in the food court when he walked over to talk to her. Because we were alone he immediately asked if we were dating. Right away we declined. They talked for a bit as I remained quiet. I didn’t know him but I knew of him. I was afraid that the next thing that came out of my mouth would be some gay remark. Then he turned to me and asked if I was a model. I didn’t know what to say so I just shook my head. Ren, oh sorry, Renier was a model agent and he has his own model/talent search company. He told me that if I wanted to do some modeling work, I should give him a call and he left his business card.

I think from that day, my perception of gay people changed forever. I no longer judged them because they were gay. I respected their decision to be the way they are. The gay people that I know are really nice people. You have no idea how nice some of them are. They complement everything about you. I rarely get complements from people so I appreciate it when I do get them.

I have a friend in Ottawa that is gay, well bisexual. Back when we were younger, I assumed it but I never asked him. I assumed he was straight or one of those Casanovas that always has girls around him. But then one day, he messaged me on MSN. I was away for the first few minutes but I replied when I got back to the computer. He started to tell me how I looked really hot. At first, I was like, “Alright then.” But he continued to complement me. Eventually, he wanted me to take a picture without my shirt on. I was comfortable talking to gay people but I wasn’t that comfortable to take a picture and send it to him. That’s just a little awkward for my liking.

A lot more people are starting to be open about this kind of thing. I think it’s getting to the point where nobody really cares if they’re gay or not. The only people that seem to care are those who work for the church. They opposed to it because the bible is against it. As for me, I think they should let them be. Who are we to interfere? If God didn’t want them to be gay, he would come down and tell them. Otherwise, it’s their lives and they can live it the way they want.

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  1. =O

    Yeah, I dont mind gay people since its their own decision. And Ren! ;D I only heard of him being “gay” from friends and other people, but never knew him. ;D I’d say that he’s pretty much focus on what he’s doing like the uhh.. what was it called again… the thing they do every year in the auditorium… oh yea! talent show… (i think) ;D

  2. Yknow! my brother was the one that made him come out the closet. They had an arm wrestling match and I guess he broke Ren’s arm. Long story short, after he healed, he became Gay! lol You boys better watch out. Ren is here.. queer.. and doesn’t like beer. (Prefers cocktail)

  3. One time I was driving by Embassy, a gay guy almost kicked me in the head… and I was sitting in a car, that’s how close he got… I was scared for my life…

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