Another year of GQ

Some time last year I started subscribing to GQ. I was interested in this magazine because I had just started focusing on my company at the time so I was seeing myself as a business man. I wanted that “GQ Look.” It’s synonymous with that classic cool and sophistication look. The magazine has articles on cultural stuff, celebrity profiles and style guides. Just recently, I renewed my subscription for another yet.

GQ: September 2006

Earlier this morning, I received the September 2006 issues of GQ. This one is probably one of the thickest magazines I have. I thought the first issue that I received was big but this one is about an inch thick. You can probably knock someone out with this.

I flipped through it quickly to see what kind of articles they had in this month’s issue. I think I went through 85 pages before reaching the table of content. Between the cover and the table of content were whole bunches of advertisement. I think that GQ’s ideal reader would be someone who can probably afford to buy the stuff that they have advertised. The suit that Clive Owen is wearing in the picture costs $2,395, the shirt costs $450 and the silk tie costs $135. I can probably afford to buy the tie but I’m not going to spend that much money on a tie. I already have six pairs of ties that I hardly wear now so buying that would really be a waste of money.

As you flip through the magazine, you are still shown a lot of advertisement. Another twenty pages letter you finally hit the Letter from the Editor section. I like to read that once in a while to see what Jim Nelson has to say about this month’s issue. This month’s issue focused on the fall season. Nelson says that “fall, not spring, is about renewal, at least in terms of the important things in life, like the new TV season.”

Altitude, Polo Sport, Black Code

On certain pages of the magazine are advertisements for cologne. Those pages are usually scent with a sample. Sometimes I open it and use it instead of wasting the cologne that I have but recently I left the samples in tact. When a friend comes over, he’ll go through a few issues of my magazines and he’ll even rip the page that has the cologne, just to smell it. I think he tries some of it too. I think this magazine made me buy one of the advertised cologne, Armani Black Code. When I purchase that cologne, every other designer had some cologne called Black but Armani’s was the one that I liked best. It’s a small black bottle that appears to be translucent but if you hold it up to a light, you can see the liquid inside. Right now, I have just over half a bottle. I don’t know how long that will last because my brothers like to steal my cologne.