Sing a song

It was a really nice day out in the city of Hamilton, Ontario. The sun was shining, the wind was blowing and the birds were chirping. It’s a cool 25 degrees Celsius today, partly cloud with a low chance of rain. I had to get up early to get some errands done. There were bills to pay and groceries to buy.
I had to finish up a photo shoot for Primo of Moda Classica so I headed to the store after doing my errands. I didn’t want to take too many pictures while he wasn’t there because he knows his products so I would prefer that he be there in case I had some questions. I didn’t spend too much time there, just made some quick snap shots and left.

After I was done there, I head on out. I decided to head up to the roof top of Jackson Square and see if there was anything going on up there. When I walked out the doors I saw that the clouds were slowly moving in but they clouds didn’t look like rain clouds. There may be a slight chance of rain but I don’t see it happening during the day. A lot of people were out on the rooftop today. I walked through there yesterday but there wasn’t as many then compared to today.


There were a lot of people sitting around and relaxing. It was lunch hour so I guess that was expected. There were people sitting around eating and talking. Some of them were on the grass reading a book. There was even a group who were lawn bowling.

Once in a while there are usually musicians playing a gig on the rooftop. Today, Mr. Michael McGuire was the noon hour entertainment. I think he’s a local artist but I’m not sure, I didn’t ask him. He’ll be playing on the rooftop this week from 12:00pm to 2:00pm. I don’t know that much about the type of music that he’s playing but it sounded like a mix of jazz and lounge music.

Micheal McGuire

I stayed and listen for a good hour before going. Mr. McGuire played songs such as “Route 66,” “It had to be you” and “Best is yet to come” and many more. He didn’t appear to have a play list. The songs that he played were random. After each song was done, he would start talking about stuff and that would lead to the next song. If he saw the clouds moving in, he would comment on that and then sing a song about clouds.

I could have stayed there a while longer but it was starting to get hot. I was sitting along side the grass and there weren’t any shades there. My feet were starting to burn because I had black shoes on. I had to get up and leave eventually because there was a lady mowing the grass. A girl, sitting further down and I had to get up and leave because we were in the path of the lawn mower. I didn’t understand why she couldn’t wait until after 2:00pm to start mowing. It’s very disruptive to be mowing the lawn when there’s a little concert going on. I think she could have waited another hour before starting. By then, everyone would have probably gone back to work and she would have had the whole rooftop to herself.

All in all, it was a somewhat productive day. I got some photographing done, a bill paid and a few errands finished. In the next while, I’ve got a meeting to attend. Things are starting to pick up a bit. Project One’s work flow is starting to increase. We’re working on getting a new client so hopefully that falls through. And earlier today, I got a phone call from a friend informing me to expect a phone from someone that is looking for PHP programmer. So it looks like I’m going to be pretty busy in the next month. The numbers of blog entries may start to decrease but rest assure that it won’t stop completely.