Not my night

Tonight just seems to keep getting worse and worse. It’s bad enough that I’m working a 25hr shift but then things just don’t want to go my way. I still have about five hours left of this shift but I want it to end now.

It all started around 1:00am when I had to run a daily system task to update some records. The procedure usually takes around twenty to thirty minutes depends on call traffic. I launch the program and wait patiently for it to finish. Thirty minutes into the task, it is still updating some records but the progress indicator says 100% so it should have moved on to the next step. It didn’t move anywhere. Another fifteen minutes pass and it’s still just sitting there. The application hasn’t frozen or anything, it’s just sitting there.

I figured I would give it some time in case the system was slow today. So I decided to get grab a cup of coffee. I pressed the button for the elevator and rode it down ten floors. When I got off the elevator, my hand instantly went for my back pocket to reach for my wallet but it came up empty. I frantically checked my other pockets and still nothing. My wallet was sitting upstairs at my desk with my elevator pass. If I had left the building, I would have no way to get back in.

I search around for the stairs in hopes that I would be able to take that up to the tenth floor to get my pass but the doors were locked. The only way to open them was to pull the fire alarm. I wasn’t willing to go that far. I had no choice but to ask those security guards for help again. I took my time to get to their desk because I knew the attitude to expect. When I got close to the desk, I heard keys jingling so I thought one of them was about to start their hourly patrols. So I waited on the second floor by the escalators.

Then I start to hear the keys jingle a little faster as if the guards were running. I walked over to the escalator to look down and see if I could see what’s going on. When I saw the guards, it looked like they were rushing to a investigate something. What was all the rush for? Apparently, the guard that was at the desk saw an intruder walking the halls so he sent the other guards to investigate. That stranger walking the halls was me. Again, the guard at the desk didn’t recognize me so he sent the other two to look.

As the two start to ascend on the escalator, the guard at the front recognized me and smile. “Don, what are you doing in the east building?” he asked. “Well, I was just about to head on over to pay you guys a visit, of course.” That guard was one of the good ones that took the time to get to know you. I didn’t know it at the time but the guards from my last incident had all gone home and the new shift just started. It’s good that I didn’t have to deal with those guys again. Anyway, I had to go and talk with the shift supervisor about this little incident before I was free to go. The usual questions about why I was wondering the halls. After he was satisfied with the answer, the other two guards escorted me upstairs to the tenth floor. The third guard that I didn’t recognize was new and he was being trained so I guess this was the most excitement he had all night.

I got back to the office, grabbed my wallet and left for Tim Horton’s. It was a nice night out so I didn’t think anything else could go wrong… but it did. When I arrive on Tim Horton’s properly, the sprinklers activated and spray the right side of my face. There were people in a few of the parked cars so I’m sure they all saw that. So there I was, walking into Tim Horton’s, my face is soaked and my shirt is partially wet. I’m trying to dry myself off the best I could before I walked into the restaurant.

One the way back to the office, I tried to avoid the sprinklers by walking on the pathway. But that didn’t help either because these sprinklers even water the sidewalk. So I’m getting drenched again. I tried to stay calm because as soon as I get into the office everything should be okay. The only thing that was going through my head was swear words and other profanities.

I got back to the office in one piece, sat down, ate my late night dinner and relaxed for a bit. I could rest assure that with a few hours left to go, I’m in the clear. As long as I stay seated in my comfy chair, I won’t have to worry about anything else going wrong.

But then again, things have been going wrong all night, so why stop there right? The next thing to go wrong was the internet connection. At first, I thought it was just my computer but after going around the office, I found that the internet connection for the whole office was down. One of the phone lines was using VoIP so I tried that and it was also down. I had no idea what to do because it’s about 4:30 in the morning and I had no idea who to call. I tried to call a coworker but there was no answer. I waiting for a bit and tried to stay calm and focus. Then the phone rang. Another coworker called to and asked me to test some lines but while I had him on the phone I asked about the internet. As I was asking him, the connection came back online. I did some test to see if my computer could connect but it took a while before everything was up and running complete. The other office computers were connecting as well. So I was really relieved to have the connection back because without it, I couldn’t monitor the system.

I started typing this entry around 3:00am and it is now close to 5:45am. A few more problems came up but I’m too tired to type it all out. So far, it seems as if there is something occurring every hour. So I wouldn’t be surprised if something happens in the next couple of hours. I am so looking forward to getting out of here. I am going to dread having to come back here at 7:00pm tonight. Somebody save me!