The security around my workplace is currently in Defense Condition (DEFCON) “No Don” stage. They seem to have tightened things up around here. I got locked out of the office temporarily and my entry pass wasn’t working so I asked them for assistance. They weren’t willing to help me out at first and I don’t know why. It’s not like I asked for their help to break into my office. Once I leave my workplace I would prefer to go home. If they didn’t help me, that’s exactly what I would have done.

Originally, I was schedule to work from 7:00am to 11:00pm but a coworker was busy moving and couldn’t work his shift. So I called my supervisor and informed him of the situation. He asked me if I could take the shift but work from home. I’m usually up late anyway, so I agreed. I shut down the computer, forwarded the phone to my cell phone, packed up my belongings, left the office and drove home. This was around 7:00pm so I had another twelve hours to go.

When I get home, I signed into my workspace and continued my work. I went upstairs and even got something to eat while I’m working. A few minutes later, I get a phone call from the work phone that I had redirected.

Me: Tech Support, may I help you?
Lady: Yes, I’m trying to find the address of a hung up call.
Me: Excuse me?
Lady: Someone called 911 and hung up.
Me: I’m sorry but I don’t think I can help you.
Lady: You don’t have the address of your customers?
Me: I don’t think so. What’s the number?
Lady: 705-555-5555.
Me: I’m sorry but I only have their phone numbers and not their addresses.
Lady: Do you know of any other way to get the address?
I’m thinking to myself, “Why don’t you try calling that number?”
Me: Well, you can try doing a reverse look up on that number.
Lady: That’s it?
Me: Or you can try calling the operator and see if they can help you because I don’t have that information available.

Which was true, I didn’t have any information to give her. The company that I work for deals with telephone communication lines. We have address of our customers but the people that use the products are the clients of the customers. I have no idea why she would be calling Tech Support to inquire about an address.

After this happened, I was thinking that I didn’t have the required resources to do my job properly so I decided to head back to work and just spend the night there. When I got to the office, the doors were locked. I have a security pass that I could use to open up the main doors but for some reason it wasn’t working. I had no choice but to track down security and ask one of them to open a door.

I had to walk all the way to the east building to find the security guards. One was sitting by the window reading. Another was walking around aimlessly. And the third was sitting at the desk. I approached the one that was walking around aimlessly because he came by the office and check up on me earlier. I assumed that he would recognize me by now because he usually checks up on me since I started doing nights.

I told him about what happened and how my security pass didn’t work and he told me to ask the guy sitting at the desk. Now I had to walk over to him and tell him the same story again. Every time I said something, it sounded like I was repeating myself.

Me: I left the office earlier tonight but now I need to get back into the office but I can’t because it’s locked.
Security 1: Have you tried the side door because that is always open.
Me: I know that it is always open but now it’s locked. I even tried to use my security pass on the main doors but for some reason it’s not working.
Security 1: Maybe you should knock and get the person inside to open the door for you.
Me: No, I was the last person in there and there is no one else coming. I’m back to do another shift.
Security 1: So you are not relieving anybody?
Me: No because I started work at 7am and I was supposed to finish at 11pm but I went home. Now I am back so I’m relieving myself.
Security 1: We can’t keep unlocking the door for you. Every time we have to unlock the door for you.
Me: What do you mean? This is the first time that I’ve been locked out. Usually the side door is left unlocked and usually my security pass works. If those two situations were the case, I woudln’t be here.
Security 1: Yes. Normally it is locked but you guys have to go to the washroom so we can’t lock that door.
Me: No, normally it is unlocked and you guys lock it if there’s no one there. The other guys leave a note if they were just going to the washroom. Are you saying that we can’t go to the washroom during our whole shift at all?
Security 1: I will let you in but I have to call somebody.

He asked me for my name and some identification. I gave him my elevator card and my drivers’ license. He went to a room in the back and pretended to call someone. He didn’t pick up a phone or anything because I can see, in the reflection of a mirror hanging on the door, that he just stood around for a couple of minutes. I think he was playing ping pong or something back there because that’s what it sounded like. He came back out and told the other security something another language. I guess he got permission from his imaginary supervisor to let me go up.

These guys are doing a bad job at being security guards. When I was working as a security guard, I recognized all of the staff members that work in the building. Even if that staff member was fairly new, I recognized them. I remember their names, if I was properly introduced to them and what floor they worked on. If I didn’t know their names, I would recognize their faces. These guys didn’t recognize or know a thing about me. They had no idea that I worked on the tenth floor let alone work in this building. I understand that they have to question people if they don’t recognize them but I showed them my elevator pass and my security swipe. Isn’t that enough to prove that I work in the building. I could even shown them the transponder for my car and they still wouldn’t have believed me.

The thing with the night shift security guards is that you’re not around the staff a lot so you’re not too familiar with who works where. But if you’re on nights most of the time and I’m on nights most of the time, I would assume that you would recognize me by now. I recognize the cleaner and I see probably once every other week. We have no problem communicating and getting along.

People in security are under the impression that they have some higher authority than other staff members. I’ve worked in security and I can tell you now that we had no authority over anyone.Why can’t these guys get along like the security guard that works during the day? That guy recognized me since the day I had my interview. Every time I enter or leave the building, we get into some sort of conversation. Because of these guys, I afraid to leave the office just to go to the washroom in fear that I will get locked out again.

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