Random people do random things at random times. Some random event will leave you in shock and others are quite pleasant. When you get caught during unpleasant random events, you’re in shock because the event that just unfolded was so unexpected you have no idea how to react. When it’s a pleasant event, you just go with the flow.

I have had my shares of things happening to me out of the blue. One time, back when I was in high school, I got a job with the Hamilton Street Railway where my duty was to count the number of passengers riding on a bus. It was the easiest $100 I’ve ever made. And being in high school at the time, $100 was a lot!

Towards the end of my shift, the number of buses that was passing by decreased. Night fall was slowly approaching. I was sitting on the bench waiting for the next bus to come when a bunch of guys drove by a chucked a bunch of Timbits at me. I was caught in the moment like a deer caught in the headlights. I didn’t know what to do next. I was a little bit mad but I couldn’t do anything because I was still trying to process the event that just occurred.

Just the other day, I got started talking to an older gentleman. I was taking some pictures of that bird and when I was done, I walked back to my car. I had parked beside the van which belonged to the old man. As we got closer I nodded and smiled and that’s when he started talking to me.

Man: How are you today?
Me: I’m doing good. How about your sir?
Man: Oh, not to bad. Nice day out isn’t it?
Me: Yeah, for sure.
Man: You out here doing a little sight seeing, eh?
Me: Yes sir, I am. I’m not usually around this area but I thought I’d drive around. Usually, I’m over on the other side.
Man: You mean that area by Sam Lawrence Park?
Me: Yes, that’s the spot. It has a nice view from there so I thought I’d check out the other side.
Man: Oh, the view is great from here. I was just down at the golf course.
Me: Ahhh, you were playing a few rounds of golf eh?
Man: No, I was collecting golf balls.
Me: I’m sorry, what?
Man: Yeah, every now and then I would come around here and head down to the golf course and go ball hunting.
Me: Oh really?
Man: I collected me about 20 dozen golf balls.
Me: How do you find so many?
Man: Oh, those golfers just launch them and forget about them. Me and about six other guys, we come down here and we look for them. After that, we polish them up and sell them. I make a few bucks with it. I’m retired now so the extra income is good.
Me: Yeah, I guess every little bit counts.

I didn’t know that people go to golf courses and search for golf balls and then sells them. If he found twenty dozen golf balls and sells them at ten cents a piece, that would mean he made twenty four dollars. That’s not bad for a part time job.

In a city as big as Hamilton, people don’t stop and talk with random people. Everyone is afraid of everyone. Over in Dundas, random people will talk to you without any hesitation. If they won’t talk to you, at least they’ll give you a smile to acknowledge you. I think life needs to be more random. It would be very boring if everything is predictable. I don’t really want to know if it will rain tomorrow. I would prefer it if I was caught in a down pour without an umbrella. I am not a fan of routines. The things that I do, I do in different ways. Doing the same thing over and over again is boring. Doing something unexpected keeps you on your toes because you won’t know what will come next.