Dinner with the girls

I met up with some friends for dinner today. It had been a while since we last saw each other so this get together was pleasant. Most of us worked in close vicinity so we thought it would be a good idea to go out for dinner and catch up. The original date was set for tomorrow but it was moved back a day which was all the same anyway.

I had errands to run before heading to Mississauga so I quickly rushed through them. I had to take my little brothers to the dentist and then I had to wait for my other brother to return home with the car. He seems to take the car on the days that I need it and when I don’t need it, it’s sitting in the driveway. Luckily, he finished his other job around 3:30pm so that left me with plenty of time to drive down to Mississauga. But I almost forgot about the rush hour traffic. I didn’t think it was going to be too bad because the majority of the commuters would be going home from the Greater Toronto Area. I was wrong and it took me almost an hour to get to Mississauga.

By the time I go to our meeting place, it was almost 5:10pm and we had arranged to meet up around 5:00pm. I’m usually late for get together and I don’t know why. I expected the girls to be outside waiting angrily but when I got there I didn’t see anyone so I thought maybe they went inside first. But then I saw a girl sitting on one of the stools and she appeared to be looking around as if she was waiting for someone. I didn’t have my glasses on so I wasn’t sure if I knew her. When I got closer, I identified her as Mona. I almost didn’t recognize her because of her shorter hair and highlights. It’s a good thing that my super vision power is activated when I squint.

Apparently, Mona had been waiting for a while so I’m not that late after all. We chit chatted for a bit until Michelle and Sally arrived. They didn’t notice us until they got closer. I didn’t think we changed that much. I guess the slightest change make people look different if you haven’t seen them for a while.

We decided on Moxie’s for dinner. It was the first thing suggested and that’s what we went with. I know that if you suggest too many things, there will be too many decisions to be made and we wouldn’t get anywhere. I’ve never been to Moxie’s before so I agreed. Heck, I mistook it for another restaurant in Square One. I thought it was some old school diner restaurant that I saw one time. Both restaurants were both located in the same area so I assumed it was that one. But that diner was called Rocket Joe’s or something.

We got our seats and we ordered drinks to start off. The girls all got ice tea and I got a Pepsi. Usually most places don’t have Pepsi so I ask for a Coke but when they do, I happily agreed. Next we ordered our meal. The girls got the “Penne Carbonara with Chicken” and I got the “Chicken Penne Primavera.” The “Penne Carbonara with Chicken” contains grilled chicken, bacon and mushrooms in a white wine and asiago cream sauce. The “Chicken Penne Primavera” had tender chicken and vegetables in a sauce of tomatoes, cream, garlic, basil, red wine and grated asiago cheese. When it arrived, we saw that both plates were pretty much identical. The only difference was that I had tomatoes in mine so I got a bit more. Half way through the meal, I was getting full. I don’t know why because there wasn’t much on the plate. I’m use to eating more than that but lately I can’t seem to eat much. Nonetheless, I finished it. I had a little race with Sally to see who can finish it first but I got distracted with talking and I lost. Well, I didn’t lose on purpose, I let her win.

Over dinner, we talked about how everyone was doing, if they had plans for the weekend, stuff that friends talk about when they haven’t seen each other for quite some time. We all wondered how our college classmates were doing and it seemed like everyone was doing well. It was nice to get together and just catch up on stuff. We do it all the time when we chat on MSN but it’s not the same as in person. A lot of our classmates from college have gone their separate ways and we lose touch with them. I barely see most of them but I keep in touch on MSN. I have an easier time keeping in touch with the friends that I’ve made in college than the friends that I’ve made in high school.