Albion Falls

It was another beautiful day so I went out with the camera once again. According the photography expert Tan, my photographs from yesterday be too bright. They looked fine to me but I guess my eyes saw it differently. So I went out today to see if I can master the art of photography. I played around with the manual settings some more so I wouldn’t have to rely too much on the automatic features. I think the majority of the pictures came out pretty good.

Albion Falls

Before getting to the area where the fall was located, I stopped by the mountain brow. I was taking some pictures of the city below when this guy came along. I’m not sure what bird that is but I think it’s a falcon. This guy was pretty big so I didn’t want to get to close to him. I relied mainly on my optical zoom to get a close-up. He was staring down at me so I quickly took the shot and ran to hide. Eventually, he flew away.

Albion Falls

This is the top of Mt. Albion Falls. It is located at the southernmost tip of King’s Forest Park. From top to bottom, it stands about 20 feet tall. It took me a while to get to this place because it was my first time here and I wasn’t sure exactly where to go. There was a short trail by the parking lot but that trail didn’t take me to the falls. It stopped short and if I wanted to continue on that trail, I would have to jump down about 10 feet. I didn’t plan on breaking my leg so I turned around to look for another path. I had to walk over to the street to find another entrance.

Albion Falls

I didn’t see any stairs so I just hopped over the rails when nobody was looking. I had to cross over a small mud puddle to get to the place where I took these pictures. Looking down, it didn’t seem like it was that high. If I feel down, I would probably have a few bruises and maybe a broken leg and not to mention a busted camera. Not want to lose my footing, I made sure I stepped on solid ground before descending.

Albion Falls

When I got to the base of the fall, I saw that there were rocks all over the place. These rocks were great for standing on to take close up of the water. There was a bit of garbage in the area but nothing too bad. I guess this is a good place for people to come to and just drink and stuff. I’ve heard stories of this place being haunted. The story goes like this: Jane Riley, had her heart broken by Joseph Rousseau. One day she stood at the top of a steep cliff not far from Albion Falls and threw herself to the bottom which was about 100 feet below. The steep drop was dubbed “Lovers’ Leap” and many tales have grown up about the suicide.

Albion Falls

There is another tale about a fatal car accident. A young lady was driving in a truck (I guess that would make it a truck accident) and the truck went off the road, broke through the fence and plunged into the valley below. Come to think of it, I do recall seeing pieces of a truck in the area. And I didn’t feel some tingling as if someone was breathing down my neck. Spooky!

Albion Falls

I walk around on the rocks that were placed in front of the fall and continues to take some snapshot. To the right of the fall was a smaller fall. With all the water that was surrounding me, I felt like taking a shower in the area. Luckily I didn’t because there were people around. I didn’t see them until I left to go back up. If I had taken a shower, they would have stolen my camera and my clothes. Then I would have been in big trouble. This place may be haunted by ghosts but seeing a naked Asian guy might be scarier.

Milling stone

This monument was located by the parking lot. There is a plaque on it which reads:

This milling stone is all that remains of Albion Mills. The first mill, built about 1795 by WM Davis, contributed to the area’s economic development. Settlers came and the land was cleared. Many of their early homes are within a short walking distance of this stone, and still occupied by their descendants.

The mill, three floors high was situated on a flat rock shelf halfway down the gorge beside the falls. One can still discern the foundations of the mill, the wheel pit; and across the road the mill pond.

This stone is dedicated in grateful recognition of the part played by these early settlers in the building of our nation.


After I was done with the picture taking I was going to head home but then Tan called so I drove on over to Dundas instead. He wanted to head to Webster’s Fall but by the time he was done with all the deliveries and everything, the sun had already gone down.


Tan is a master pizza maker. You can see here his masterpiece, a pizza with the works. I didn’t eat all day but for some reason, after eating four slices, I was full. There was still half a pizza left over. Plus, there was still chicken wings but I only had one or two because I couldn’t eat anymore.

Say cheese!

I had some time to kill the pizza store close so I decided to take a picture of myself. For some reason, Tan’s pizza shop had a big mirror, I guess to give the illusion of the shop looking bigger than it actually is.

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