Since I didn’t get a good chance to test out the camera yesterday, I thought I’d test it out today. It was a beautiful day out. It was nice and warm out with a mild breeze. I had about a couple of hours of sunshine left so I head down to the harbour front to take some snapshots. The area that I went to called Harbour-West. It’s a place where people go to launch their sailboats. It has a coffee shop there as well but that place is usually closed around 10pm.

It is rare that I come to this area because it’s more of a place to just sit down and hang out. Usually, I do all the chilling during the night time and by then, this area is deserted. I stopped by the William’s Pub and grabbed a large coffee. I think the price was a bit cheaper than Tim Horton’s but I don’t remember anymore. They have a little outside patio area which appears to be the most popular area of the shop. You can order your food at the cash and they bring it to you when it’s ready. This area is a good place for a coffee shop. You can sit there with your coffee and enjoy the view.

Ducks and boats

Compared to the area that I’m usually in, this place seems to be a bit more luxurious. The place I go to do my rollerblading is like the ghetto while this place is like uptown. There is a boat club just around the corner. I think it’s an exclusive club and you can only if you can afford a yacht. I had a small canoe once but I think you need more than that to get in. Who knows.


While I was standing around drinking my coffee, I almost saw a boat accident. I’m not sure what was going on but two boats almost collided. I have no idea how these two boats not see it each other. They’re in the middle of the lake with lots of space and they decided to head for each other. What were they thinking?

Near collision

So not only do you have crazy drivers, there are also crazy sailors. But maybe they had some problems with the sails and they weren’t able to turn quick enough. Most of the boats out on the lake only had sails. There were a few that had their own motor though.

Nice boat

This boat here probably cost as much as a house. You can see in the picture that the two guys in the back are staring at something. At the time, there was this massive cargo ship entering the bay. It was being towed by two tugboats. I think the ship ran out of gas or something because it didn’t appear to have its engine running.

Crew members

There were a lot of sailors sailing up to it, trying to get a closer look. This ship just blasted it horns to keep them away. But they didn’t listen and continued their approached. Eventually, a police boat came around and told everyone to keep their distance.

Cargo ship docking

I think it took about an hour for this ship to make a 180 degree turn to align itself with the dock. By then, it was starting to draw a crowd. When the ship got closer to the docks, people were waving to the crew onboard to welcome them to the city. The crew members were hesitant at first but they eventually waved back.

Flag pole