It’s here!

I am now the new owner of a Nikon D50 Digital SLR camera! I’ve been tracking the package since the day it was shipped and I knew that it would arrive today. I just got off my night shift at work so I doubted that I would get any sleep because I was too anxious waiting for it to arrive that.

I eagerly opened up the package and got the box out of the box. The camera and the lens came in two separate boxes. I took them out of their boxes and proceeded to assemble them. The battery needed to be charged so I had that done. It’s going to be about two hours before it’s fully charged so I won’t get to play with it right away. I told Tan that if I got the camera today, we’ll head back to Webster’s fall. He’s obsessed with that place ever since I told him about it. But it’ll be a good way to test out the camera and use to it.

Also, some of the guys and I are planning to be head up north for a day. I haven’t gone on vacation for quite some time now so this will be my vacation. It’s only going to be for the day but nonetheless, it’s a getaway. The destination is Tobermory, Ontario. I haven’t been there since high school so it’ll be nice to see it again.

The last time I visited Tobermory was back around 1997. My teacher invited a bunch of us up to his cottage for the weekend. The cottage was about a two hour drive from Hamilton. The guys met up at my house because it was right across the street from school. His cottage was located a few minutes from Tobermory. We just went up to Tobermory to go see some sites.

Directions provided by Google

You can see from this map, the distance we’re going to be traveling. Hamilton is at the bottom of the picture while Tobermory is at the top. It’s a 300km drive going there and another 300km to drive back. That is going to take up about 3 hours of our time. We’re going right to the top so we’re going to get a good view of Georgian Bay and Lake Huron. Once in Tobermory, you can easily take a ferry that will transport you to Manitoulin Island but I’m not sure time will permit that.

I am thinking whether we should take another route for the return trip or take the same route back. It would be interesting to get some more site seeing done. I was hoping to stop by my neighbour’s cottage but unfortunaetly, it’s not located in the direction that we’re heading so that’s out.

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