My, how they’ve grown

I was chatting on MSN last night and a friend and I got started on a topic about our younger siblings. This made me realize how fast time flies. I have four younger brothers. The age difference between me and my brothers ranges from one to fourteen years. My youngest brother is ten years old, turning eleven in December.

I remember it as if it was yesterday. My youngest brother, Kevin was just a baby, learning to crawl. Now, he’s a four foot tall midget always sitting in front of the tube playing Xbox. Being the youngest, he gets spoiled a lot. Every time he goes shopping with my mom, he always comes back home with a new toy. I try not to spoil him too much because he has to learn that he can’t have everything just because he asked for. He still gets spoiled by my mom today. She can’t say no to him. I understand that he’s the youngest and parents always want their kids to be happy. So for the time being, he’s going to get the stuff that he asks for. But if he asks me for anything, I usually tell him no because he has to learn. Come to think of it, he still owes me $50, that little bugger.

The next one up is Tonee. He as grown a lot and I mean a lot. He was really small when he was younger but somewhere during his elementary school years, he just grew. He’s fourteen and entering high school in the fall. I don’t think he was as mature as I was when I started high school. By the time I was in grade six I was working part time. He’s working right now but the job isn’t a steady part time job. He delivers flyers for a pizza store down the street. But I think he should learn to be a bit more responsible and find himself a job where he gets an actual pay check. He’s a good kid and all and a lot of his friends look up to him but he just not good with responsibilities. To date, he as borrowed my dad’s iPod and my brother’s mp3 player and lost them both. I only found out he lost the iPod because I was looking for it and he told me that he lost it. After that, I don’t lend him any of my electronics items. Once he learns to be more responsible for things, I’ll reconsider.

The next brother, Boy, is probably the most well established out of all of us. His legal first name is Bontha but nobody calls him that. Ever since we were little, that was the nickname that he got and that is the name that we call him now. Even his friends call him that. The only people that call him Bontha are people that aren’t close to him, like a teacher for example. He is the only one that is currently following in my father’s footstep and becoming a mechanic. All of us were supposed to be mechanics. He’s doing a good job at it too. He is well informed in the trade and seems to know what he’s talking about. He looks a lot more like my father than I do. Growing up, everyone recognized me because of my father. But as we got older, Boy is starting to look more and more like my dad everyday. They’re both a little short and a bit round in the waist area.

The brother that is a year younger than me is Thoeun, pronounced Tien but I don’t call him that. We have a Cambodian nickname for him which literally translates to Curly. He’s probably the one that I can relate to the most because we’re roughly the same age and we hang out with the same group of friends. Growing up, he would always steal my clothes. I’d yell at him for it too because I didn’t like the fact that he took my stuff without asking. I wouldn’t have mind lending it to him if he asked but I hated when he’d just take it. A couple of years ago, I bought this leather motorcycle style jacket from Le Chateau. I probably wore it once, after that, never say it again. He kept taking it to go to the clubs and stuff. So basically, I bought him an $80 jacket. To this day, I still have no seen it. But anyway, he is almost done with college. Right now he’s just working at a couple of places. All the money that he makes just goes away towards who knows what. In a way, he’s pretty mature. He’s just not financially smart. A lot of his money is spent on road trips, camping and renting cars. Slowly but surely, he is starting to learn the value of a dollar.

We’re all growing up and finding our ways. Being the oldest I try to be the best role model that I can. I feel like I’m hardly ever there for my brothers. It just seems like that because I’m either always at work or I’m out with friends. My youngest brother is ten and I barely know him. Ten years of living under the same roof and I’ve hardly taken the time to get to know him. One of my life’s goal is to get to know people so I can get to know myself. But I barely know my own brother so how am I supposed to know myself?