Sales Reps are of no help at all

I went to Best Buy the other day to get a first hand look at the Nikon D50. It took me a while to get there because I wasn’t too familiar with the area. Google Maps told me to take Brant Street and then make a U-turn somewhere down the road. Brant Street is a pretty busy street and you don’t want to make a U-turn on a busy street. But anyway, I was hoping to go to Best Buy and see if I could get some better advice on the camera. I don’t like going to those big stores because you get hassled by the Sales Rep but since I was well informed on the camera, I didn’t think it would hurt.

I took me a while to find the entrance to the Best Buy parking lot. The one entrance looked more like an exit to get onto the highway so I didn’t take it. I ended up driving around the parking lot a few times and making a few turns before actually deciding to try the entrance that looked like the exit. When I finally got to the right place, the parking lot was pretty empty. I expected it to be a bit busier.

I walked into the street and walked around for a bit before find the camera section. I browsed over the available models for a good five minutes. I picked up the Nikon D50 and held it in my hands to get a feel of things. It was a pretty good camera. It wasn’t too heavy and it felt comfortable in my hands. Right next to it was the Nikon D70, the next model up. That camera was a bit bigger and had a better lens. The D50 didn’t have any battery so I really couldn’t test it out much. The D70 on the other hand was equipped with a working battery. I played around with it for about five minutes before putting it down.

Above the Nikon was the Canon that I also considered buying. I picked that one up and played around with that as well. When I went to turn it on, the alarm went off. I looked around and nobody was moving in my direction. It was like they didn’t care that the alarm was flaring. The older gentleman browser the other camera told me that it happens all the time, especially with that camera. I assumed that he has been to Best Buy a few times in the last few months.

I stood back and wait to see if anyone was coming to turn off this alarm. Shortly after, one of the female Sales Rep came by and turned it off. I apologized for setting it off. The older gentleman jokes and said, “I saw him try and stick it in his pocket.” Can’t blame a guy for try, eh?

After the Sales Rep turned off the alarmed, she walked away. I didn’t have anything to do and all I was looking for was a second opinion so I asked the old guy. He told me that about some features of digital cameras and stuff and we talked for a bit. We both agreed that none of the Sales Rep knew anything about the product that they were selling. There was one rep that was just walking around aimlessly. I’m sure he saw the old guy and me standing around the camera for quick some time. A good Sales Rep would have approached us after five minutes or so. You have to give the customer some time to look around. Five minutes is a nice round number. After that, make your move and try to make a sale.

I was ready to buy that camera right there and then if one of the reps came up to me and helped out but nobody did. I had a few questions regarding the sticker price and the price that was shown online. I ended up talking to other customers about camera features and that was about it. If someone had helped me, right about now, I’d be a new owner of a digital SLR camera.

I know that if I wanted to find out some information about the item I should have approached a Sales Rep myself but how am I to know that the person I’m talking to is well informed in the product. The last time I talked with a Sales rep, the guy pretty much read everything off the box. I can do that myself. The whole time I was in the store, I didn’t talk to a single Sales Rep, other than the girl that turned off the alarm. Oh no wait, I think I nodded at an Asian rep on my way out. Other than that, I did not interact with any of the workers there. So in the end, it looks like I’ll be buying the camera online. I won’t have to worry about wasting gas to go to Best Buy and I’ll be saving myself close to $150.

The next time you need to make a purchase at a big name store, just save yourself a trip and do it online. You won’t have to worry about dealing with Sales Rep and there’s a chance that you’ll be saving some money. If you take the time and do the research yourself, you will be well informed and you won’t regret about buying the wrong item.