Taking things for granted

I think that most people, who aren’t living in a third world country, take a lot of things for granted. It’s the little things in life that matters but we see those little things as nothing. To someone living in the third world, that little thing could be something very precious. I believe that we need to open our eyes and actually look at what is going on in this world.

Yesterday, I received an email from a coworker regarding poverty in Africa. It was a link that took me to a page that compared our world and theirs. It saddens me to see people living in conditions like this. I try to give when I can but with all the corruption that is going on in today’s world, I really don’t trust anyone with money. I don’t know for sure whether my money is going to a good cause or if they are going into the pockets selfish tyrants.

If you remember a while back there was that Live 8 thing going on. I really wasn’t supporting that much because it didn’t seem like it was anything. It was a bunch of concerts that took place in eight different countries. But what did that concert do? I hope that it made people aware of the situations that are going on in third world countries. But part of me thinks that the people that attended the concert only attended it because of the bands that were playing. It was as if no one was actually concerned about the true meaning of the Live 8 concerts.

Live 8 came and went but I don’t hear anything about it. The day that lead up to the event was big and lots of people took notice. But after the concert, I don’t recall anything happening. It was as if the whole concert didn’t have any meaning. It was just a concert. It may have raised awareness but people are easy to forget things that don’t concern them.

Take a look at the link below and see for yourself. People should not be living in these conditions. This page has really got me thinking. Compared to those people, I’m living the life of luxury. It’s because of things that this that makes me not want to blow money on useless items. I try and tell my friends that all the time but hardly anyone listens.