Paralyzed in a dream

Last night I had one of those weird experiences where I think I’m aware but I’m not able to move. Someone told me that there is a state where you are half asleep and half awake. But in my state of mind, I was pretty sure I was awake. The condition known has sleep paralysis, the inability to perform voluntary movies. It is often associated with narcolepsy which I don’t have.

The first time I experienced this feeling, I was afraid. I was afraid because I was in a state of mind where I was sure that I was completely awake. But I found it very odd that I could not move my arms and legs. I had no problem wiggling my fingers and toes though. The part of me that thought it was a dream was the part when I saw a figure hovering over me. It was dark and it felt like I had my blanket over my face. So it was odd that I could see a face moving side to side. It felt as if this figure was sitting on top of me, holding me down. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t move a muscle.

I couldn’t even scream because I was so afraid. My muscles were frozen so I wasn’t even able to tremble. The whole time, I recall staring blankly at this figure and it stared back at me. Eventually, I had no choice but to close and eyes and hope that it goes away. That was when I regain controlled over my arms and legs. To his day, I am not sure if that was a dream or if it was reality. If it was a dream, it sure felt damn real.

When I’m dreaming and I want to know if I’m actually dreaming, I would pinch myself. There had been occasions where the event that was occurring didn’t seem real. As soon as I think that, I get the idea to pinch myself. No matter how hard I pinch myself, I don’t feel any pain. That is when I know for sure that I am dreaming. But as soon as I realize that, I slowly start to move out of the dreaming stage and wake up.

Last night, I woke up with my hands extended over my head, locked together. When I tried to bring them down, they wouldn’t move. Because I’ve had this experience a few times, I wasn’t scared by it anymore. I continued to try and move my body but to no avail did they move. Again, I just closed my eyes and hoped that it was a dream.

Moments later I woke up and realized that it must have been a dream but this time, I was paralyzed again. Could I have awakened from a dream into another dream? Or was I in a state of half consciousness? It’s a weird and scary feeling when stuff like that happens. You are not able to explain it. It’s the fact that it can’t be explained that scared me.

I’ve heard of this happening to a few people I know but in their case, they don’t think it’s a dream. According to them, they think that there’s a ghost sitting on them, preventing them from moving. It happened to my brother once when he was sleeping. His room once belonged to my late grandfather. He can recall waking up and not being able to move because my grandfather was sitting on top of him. It may sound like gibberish but it didn’t happen just once. It happened twice to two different people. My neighbour came over and slept in the living room. He woke up and couldn’t move because he believes that a ghost was sitting on him.

This paranormal event is scary. I am shivering just recalling the events. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to sleep tonight. I’ll just have to think happy thoughts.

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  1. This is quite well known in Chinese superstition.. “ghost sitting on top of you”. It is exactly what you’ve experienced Don. There’s no real solution to this. In your case, closing your eyes were a good choice. Avoid looking at this figure. The more you look at it, the more afraid you would probably be. It is not known how you can get this kind of experience for the people who want to try. It is not recommanded to try, because it might happen one day during weekdays.. and then you’ll be late for work or school. Some say do a prayer with your heart, some say talk to that figure in your heart asking it to leave. I never have that experience before, and I do not want to. It is also said that when you sleep, your spirit leaves your body and wonder off in another world. That’s how you get dreams. So once it leaves your body, your body is ’empty’. Therefore this “ghost” would try to take over your body. But it wouldn’t fit in. I don’t know why.. maybe it’s head is too big or something. It is also said that ghosts need a type of energy that only human have. So maybe this ghost was sitting on top of you to charge up it’s energy. The energy is like their food.

  2. Chinese people have scary ghost stories. I was afraid of peeing outside after Rick told me that dead bodies will come after me if I pee on them…

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