Got pooped?

I think there’s this Asian saying that goes “You are considered lucky if a bird poops on your twice.” I am not sure of the origin of that but I’m sure it’s Asian. No other culture is as superstition as us. The adults have a superstition saying for just about anything. But this one is the one that I find more entertaining. I got shit on by a bird and I don’t consider myself lucky, especially if it happens twice.

I can recall a few events when someone close by was the victim of avian droppings. I remember one time I was waiting for the bus. My hair was as short as it is now and I spike it up with a special kind of gel that made my hair look like it was silver. A guy in my class said it look liked a bird shit on my head. I didn’t say anything back until he turned around. That’s when I saw bird shit on his head. I burst out laughing and I told him.

Me: I’ve got fake bird shit on my head but you’ve got the real thing.
Classmate 1: Yeah whatever!
Me: Aight, don’t believe me!
Classmate 2: Yo, did a bird poo on our head?
Classmate 1: Shit!
Me: Exactly!

My friend handed him some tissue paper that she had in her purse and he proceeded to wipe the poo off his head. I watched with a big grin on my face.

What surprised me was the fact that I didn’t see it land. Either he was walking around town with poo on his head the whole morning or it just happened right there and then. There are a lot of pigeons in the area so maybe it did happen right in front of me. It did look fresh. One more time and he would be considered lucky.

It happened to me once. I got shitted on. Umm, shat on? Would that be the correct tense? Yeah, whatever. I was walking to the grocery store one day. It was a nice breezy day, a bit dark because it was cloudy. When I got to the parking lot I thought it was going to rain. I felt a rain drop on the back of my neck so I started to walk faster. I didn’t want to get caught in the rain. Then another drop hit me on the side of my face. I went to wipe it off when I noticed that it was white bird shit. Bloody hell! I checked the drop that landed on my neck. That was bird shit too! It was freakin’ nasty. I didn’t feel lucky at all. I think you must have the worst luck in the world to be shat on twice.
I think the whole getting pooped on twice being lucky is just something someone made up. Maybe the guy had bad luck and was getting bird pooped all over him and decided to make up this story to hide his embarrassment. If the superstition is true, we might as well walk around looking for dog poop and just step on that. Twice! Consider yourself lucky if people actually go near you.

Speaking of dog poop, the funniest thing happened last Friday. I was helping my friend’s family move to their new house. Some people were helping and some were on break. When I went on break, I smelt something. My friend immediately yelled out “Check your shoes!” Everyone checked their shoes. I was in the clear. My friend’s little brother wasn’t so lucky though. He had stepped on dog shit and transferred it all over the place. So now, everyone that was moving stuff from the house and into the car were stepping shit too. We tried to warn them but it was too late. Squish! They in turn transferred dog shit all over the place too. I don’t think there was one person there who didn’t step on dog shit that day.