Keeping my eyes on the road

I have to admit that driving sometimes takes considerably a lot of concentration. Once in a while, I would find myself checking every single mirror every second. But since I’ve been doing this for so long, it all seems natural. There are a lot of things going through your head when you’re driving and sometimes you lose focus really fast. I think in the last couple of months, I’ve almost been in a few accidents. What were the causes of those potential accidents? The ladies.

I was driving down Cannon Street, going around 60km/h. Well above the speed limit but I’m cautious about it. I’m passing other drivers left, right and center. Usually Cannon Street is good because all the lights are synchronized so that they all turn green as soon as you get close to the intersection. So you don’t have to worry too much about traffic.

When I got to the intersection of Cannon and John, I notice a girl on the corner holding up a sign. I turned to look, at the sign of course, and saw that her and some other girls were doing some car washing. I think it was a fundraiser for something but I didn’t get a chance to read up on the details. I looked back on the road and saw that the car in front of me had stop and I’m going pretty fast. My brakes were okay but if I slammed on them, I would skid right into this guy. My first reaction was to switch lanes. And when you switch lanes you’re supposed to check your blind spot. But I didn’t have time so I just switched over to the left. I nearly hit the car in front of me but managed to avoid him just in time. Luckily, there weren’t any cars in that lane.

Earlier today, I was heading up to Futureshop to check out those cameras I talked about. Along the way I drove pass a Hooters restaurant. There were a few girls over there and a couple of them were holding up the signs. The signs were facing the other way so I couldn’t read what it said. I assumed it was for some sort of car washing event. I turn back to look at the road and almost hit the car that was slowing down to get into the turn lane. I swerve just a little bit to avoid his back bumper.

On the way home from Futureshop, I passed Hooters again and the same thing happened. I was looking at the girls when the car in front of me slowed down to say something to them. I wasn’t expecting people to slow down unless they were actually going to get their car washed. The passenger in the car in front of me exchanged a few words with one of the girls so the driver had to slow down a bit. Luckily, they finished what they had to say and sped up fast enough before I hit them.

There’s not much to driving which is probably why I get distracted so easily. I think every time I turn my head to look, the car tends to swerve in that direction as well. So, while the summer is here, I think I should avoid the girls promoting car washes or else I won’t have a car left to wash.

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  1. I think it’s because it’s girls with signs. Guys always have to check out girls or something. People are really stupid though.. they always check out EVERYTHING when they’re driving. Like you know when there are car accidents on the highway? Half of the time you’re slowing down because of the nosey drivers ahead that wanna see what happened. Stupid nosey drivers!

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