Be careful what you say

Every now and then, I would walk in on a conversation that I didn’t want to hear. I’m sure it has happened to a lot of people reading this. It’s during those times when your time couldn’t be any better. It’s like arriving just in time for the punch line.

I was working the afternoon shift one day when the guys over in the engineering department were talking. I’m not sure what they were talking about because I was busy with my work. Usually, everyone is out of the office by 5:00 pm but today, a few of the guys were staying late. The talking started to get a little loud so I stopped working for a bit and took a little break. That’s when I heard someone say, “I don’t want to touch Spiderman.” For most people, this would sound like something funny. But in the company I work for, Spiderman is a program that we use to interact with the system. To others, Spidey is a wall-crawling web-slinger with superpowers. Although I knew what they were talking about, it sounded funny to me too.

Another time, I was walking back from Square One after getting something to eat. I went over to Burger King to get a Whopper sandwich. On the way back, there were a group of guys walking towards me. As they were walking they were talking to each other. As I passed them one guy goes “I gotta take a shit again!” That is just not something you say out in the open. I, especially, didn’t want to hear that because I’m about to eat. Apparently, this guy went once already and he’s got to go again. I don’t know what makes people think that other people are interested in hearing when they have to go. If you have to go, just go. I don’t know to need. It’s not like I’m your parole officer or something. I’m not watching your every move. I don’t want to watch your every move especially when you have to go.

I remember one time in high school. I was heading to a computer class and a couple of guys in my class were hanging by the entrance to the classroom. When I got closer all I heard was, “No Phil, I will not bend over!” As I walked past them I gave them a confused look. I told them that I didn’t even want to know what they were up to. I wasn’t sure if those guys were gay or not but they could have been. One guy had long hair. It was long enough for him to tie it into a ponytail. The other guy sort of looked like a girl. He even acted like a girl sometimes. But I wasn’t going to question their behaviour.

As for me, I say a bunch of stupid stuff all the time. It usually happens when I’m rambling on and on about something I know nothing about. Somewhere during the conversation, I completely lose my train of thought and I would end up repeating myself. So I am not immune when it comes to talking gibberish. Half of the time, nobody knows what I’m talking about anyways. If you get into a situation like that with me, just nod and let me carry on. Chances are, I’m just as confused as you are.

2 thoughts on “Be careful what you say

  1. I was working late one night at dofasco whilst on coop; listening to my mp3 player. I took it off to head outta my office for a minute but kept singing the song aloud, as most coders were normally gone by that point in the evening. Just as I step outside i’m singing a part in the song where “embrace me…” is yelled (it was an emo song, yeh, embarassing, but whatevs). so i sing it out passionately with my eyes shut and hand in the air and, an older office lady happened to be standing right there. she looked at me puzzled and awardly so I tried to make a joke and said “what? no hug?”. she said nothign and walked away… prolly should have just told her it was part of a song.

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