Billing issues

It has recently come to my attention that Bell Sympatico has been charging me for my internet service using a credit card that has expired. From my understanding, the last time I tried to process a credit card that was beyond the expiry date, I was declined. So how did Sympatico get approved for the monthly charges? That is what I intend to find out.

I tried to call up Sympatico’s customer service but as always the phone line was busy. So I waited five minutes before I hung up. After that, I sent the billing department an email regarding this. As I’m typing out this blog, I still haven’t received a reply. A day is quite a long time to acknowledge an email. I could probably call up Visa and they can probably reverse the charges. Unless there are some hidden loop holes in the fine prints.

When I was working over at Rogers, my coworker brought a similar situation to my attention. The customer’s credit card had expired a couple months before. That placed his account into a delinquent status. So for the past three months, his credit card was declining every time the system tried to deduct the funds from it. The same thing should have happened to me but instead, the charges went through. If they are able to get away with things like that, I’m curious what else they can charge me and get approved for.

If I don’t hear back from them by Friday, the latest, I’ll be giving Visa a call. I may also switch to another ISP but I’ll have to see if my contract with them has expired yet. Oh wait, in their case, it really doesn’t matter if it is expired or not.