It just keeps getting worse

Today is one of those days. Nothing seemed to be going my way and things just kept going down hill. Things started out just fine. I would never have thought it was going to turn out the way it did. I was late for work. I had no ride. And to make matters worse, it rained.

I got up at 11am today and from the looks of things, it appeared to be a beautiful day. I checked my weather widget and saw that there was going to be a thunder storm. I thought nothing of it because it was so nice out.

Around 1:30pm, I went outside to look for the car. Usually it is parked in the drive way but today it wasn’t. I stepped outside to see if maybe it was down the street but it was nowhere to be seen. I asked around to see if my brother was home but he wasn’t. I called his cell phone but there was no answer. I had to leave Hamilton by 2pm if I want to make it to work on time. Any later than that, would mean that I would have to face the rush hour traffic.

I waited until 2pm to call up my brother again but still no answer. I had no choice but to take the bus. My dad was home but I didn’t want to ask him for a ride. He had just gotten back from Mississauga and I didn’t want him to go through another one.

I called up work and informed them that I was going to be 30min late. I hate taking the bus but I had no choice. As I started to walk towards Jackson Square, I could see the dark rain clouds hover above. I knew that at any minute it could start to pour. I didn’t have time to go to the Go Station so I waited by the bus stop just outside of Jackson. The next bus was schedule to leave the station at 2:20pm. Unlike the last time, there was plenty of light around so I’m pretty sure the bus driver will see me.

Minutes later, I could see the Go bus coming but it was stopped at the lights. Then it started to rain. I was under a tree so I didn’t get that wet. The light turned green and the bus started to move closer. And then zoooom! It kept going. WTF! How do you not see a guy win a white shirt in the middle of the afternoon waiting by a designated Go bus stop? As the driver drove by, he just stared at me so I gave him the “WTF” look. What the hell are wrong with these bus drivers? Do they not know that they have to stop at a specific bus stop so people can board the bus? This is exactly why I hate waiting for the bus. They piss me off.

By the time the bus drove by, it was almost 2:30pm so I tried calling my brother again and still no answer. So I had no choice but to ask my Dad for a ride to work. I really hate to do that to help but under the circumstance I didn’t have any other alternatives. Luckily, my dad wasn’t doing much so he was able to give me a ride. So far, he is the most dependable person I know of. He’s always there when I need a hand. I rarely ask my Dad for anything. Like most guy, they try to be macho and independent so they can prove to their Dads that they are a man. I guess in some way, that’s what I’m doing when I don’t ask him for favours. But maybe I should open up more to my Dad. He’s always willing to give me a hand when I need it.

But in the mean time, things are going well at work. I’ll be doing the afternoon shifts for the next few days. But as for now, I need a break. I’m going head on over to Tim Horton’s. If I’m lucky, that bird won’t be there again. If I’m not lucky, you’ll hear about it tomorrow.