Clumsy me

I may not appear to be but a lot of the times I am a clumsy guy. I would walk and trip over just about anything including my own feet. I’ve gotten my share of bumps and bruises due to my clumsiness but I think throughout the years I have improved. Or so I thought.

I was walking over to Tim Horton’s today during break to get a cup of coffee. Yes, I am still on the look out for the crazy bird. After getting my order, I walked back to the office. As I was walking, I tripped over something. I looked back to see what it was but I couldn’t find anything on the ground. It appears as if I may have tripped over the sidewalk. Usually, after I do something like this, I turn and look around to see if anyone saw me. On most occasions there isn’t anyone in the area but I’m not always that lucky. Today, there were three old guys hanging out by the stairs. They appear to be smiling at something. I assumed that one guy told a joke and it was funny but I highly doubt that.

Another time, I was walking outside my high school. For some odd reason, I would always look at my footing when I’m walking in the grass. That is because there are pine trees everywhere and during the fall, pine cones are scattered all over the place. Every time I walk in that area, I would concentrate on stepping around the pine cones. You know how sometimes you focus so much on one time that you lose focus on other things? Well, I guess I lost focus on the actual walking part. So when my foot hit the ground, I went down and hit the ground as well. I got up really fast and looked around. Yes! Nobody was around.

If I was walking around and saw someone just fall down, I would just burst out laughing. I’m bad when it comes to seeing people fall down. I can’t help but laugh at their misfortune. The worse one was when I was on the bus. I was sitting at the back and an elderly lady came aboard with her walker. As she went to show the bus driver her ID, she lost her balance and tumbled to the floor. I’m sorry to say this but I laughed out loud. Yes actually, LOL. I couldn’t help it and I’m probably going to hell for it but it just came out. I tend to laugh when I see things that I don’t see everyday. And it’s not everyday that I see an old lady fall down while trying to get on the bus.