Top 10…

It’s early Sunday morning and normally, I would be heading to bed right about now. But there’s been a slight change of schedule. I am now working the morning shift instead of the night shifts. I tried to get to work as fast as I could but I couldn’t get out of bed in time. I got out of bed as fast as I could and jumped into the car. On the way to work, I stopped by McDonald’s and grabbed something quick. So here’s this week’s top 10.

Top 10 breakfast…

  • egg sausage burrito
  • hash browns
  • pancakes with maple syrup
  • sunny side up eggs
  • egg, ham, bacon and sausage with toasted english muffin
  • french toast
  • cereal
  • scrambled eggs
  • congee
  • coffee
  • toasted bagel with cream cheese
  • oatmeal
  • omlettes