Raindrops keep falling on my head

“But that doesn’t mean my eyes will soon be turning red.”

It’s another boring and slow day here in the office. There isn’t much one can do during the weekend. I’m the only one here so it’s pretty quiet. The loudest thing in the office is probably the fan I’ve got turned on. That and the phone. Someone keep calling and then hanging up as soon as I pick up the phone. Oh, and the thunder.

When I first heard the thunder, I thought it was a bunch of trucks outside. But I’m on the tenth floor so it’s kind of hard to hear trucks passing on the streets down below. But then again, I rarely see trucks in this area. Mississauga isn’t really known to be known as an industrial city. At least not this part of Mississauga anyway. There are shopping malls, city malls and hi-rise condos. You probably won’t find a factory within a 10km radius of this place.

It never occurred to me to look out the window to see if it was raining. I was looking out the window about an hour ago and it was fine. The sun was shining and there were barely any clouds in the sky. It looked to be a nice day out. After hearing thunder a few dozen time, I finally got up to see what was going on outside. And surprise, surprise, it’s raining.

I had planned on heading out for lunch but I didn’t bring an umbrella. I’ve got the car here but I really don’t want to have to drive a block just so I can get lunch. I guess I’ll just walk in the rain. It’s not raining too hard anyway.

That’s all for now. If I survive this boredom, there will be a blog entry tomorrow. If not, then I must have melted in the rain on the way to get lunch.