That’s weird

While running some errands I came across some odd people. It’s not odd in a bad way, it’s more like odd as in you don’t see that everyday. It’s human nature to stare when you see something strange so I couldn’t help it but stare at these people. I think they know that they are strange because they never seem to make eye contact. Either that or they were too busy shopping to notice my long stares.

My first stop was at Danny’s No Frills, to get some grocery. Did you know that every No Frills is owned by some other person? If you call a cab and tell them “So and So’s No Frills” they’ll know exactly where to go. Anyway, I was walking between the isles with my shopping cart when I noticed this lady browsing the items on the shelves. As I got closer to her, she turned to look and made sure I wasn’t going to run her over with my cart. That was when I noticed that she had a beard and mustache. It wasn’t a full beard and mustache, it was like a group of hair here and there. Let’s put it this way, she had more facial hair than I did. I took a bit of a closer look and I’m quite positive that I was looking at someone from the female gender.

Maybe in today’s world something like that would be considered normal. But in my books, that’s a little weird. There are a few things that I’m not use to seeing on girls, facial hair and hairy legs. And maybe, a girl with a big booger hanging out of her noise. I’m not use to seeing that either. I saw that once in middle school but I didn’t say anything to the girl. I figured that the booger was big enough that she would feel it eventually. This thing was the size of an average pinky. I’m not going to mess around with a girl whose booger is that big.
Next, I moved on over to the Produce department. I turned the corner and saw a lady pushing another lady in a wheel chair. Being the gentleman that I am, I let them go first. When they passed me, I saw that the lady in the wheelchair was being used as a shopping cart. She had the basket on her lap and it was half filled with groceries.

I met up with them later down the isle. The lady in the wheel chair still had the basket on her lap but this time it was full. The other lady grabbed something off the shelf and placed it between the basket and the lady in the wheelchair. So basically, she placed it on the wheel chair lady’s belly. Shortly after that, the lady in the wheel chair had a whole bunch of grocery on her. She ran out of room on her belly so she started carrying a few. When she couldn’t hold them in her hands anymore, she tried to stack them on her belly again.
I think it’s a little cruel to be using a handicap lady as a shopping cart but she didn’t seem to mind. Maybe deep down inside, she dreams of being a yellow shopping cart. What is this world coming to? It’s a 25 cent deposit to use one of those carts. The person may not have any feelings in their legs but that doesn’t mean you can put a basket on their belly and start throwing groceries on her.

I’m not in this area a lot so I’m not sure what it’s like to live there. I used to live there back in the 80’s but I don’t remember much about it. Who knows, maybe I’ve just found another ghetto Hamilton.

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  1. Yes you can… you push the shopping cart and the wheel chair person can push themselves…

    at least, the wiser thing to do was not to buy so much groceries.. otherwise you’re making the handicap person do all the work…

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