Logitech Wireless Earphones

Last week, I was surfing around BestBuy.ca, searching for some SD cards. My dad said his coworker was selling some for cheap so I wanted to see how much they went for. On BestBuy.ca’s front page, there was one going for $30 after an instant discount. But that wasn’t what caught my attention at first. Right in the middle of the page was a set of Logitech wireless earphones. The original price was $199.99. The sale price was $39.99. How could you say no to a price like that?

The description said that these earphones were made for iPods. I don’t own an iPod but I couldn’t see why it couldn’t be used for any other device. I assumed that because the base and the earphone were communicating via Bluetooth, I thought maybe I could connect it to my other Bluetooth enabled devices. Only one way to find out and that was to buy it and test it out. If it didn’t work, my brother has an iPod and I’m sure he’d like these.

Logitech Wireless earphones

The earphones are the style that wraps around the back of your neck. They are a bit heavy for earphone but it’s not too heavy. After a while, you’ll probably not even notice the weight. Inside the earphones are rechargeable lithium-ion (Li-Ion) batteries. The unit comes with an adaptor that you plug in and recharge the batteris in the earphone and the wireless adaptor. Li-Ion battiers should last around 2-3 years. On the right ear piece are the controls for the volumes and track. If you plug this into the iPod, you can control the volume and switch betwee the songs that are playing. I tested the earphones with my laptop so the only thin I could control was the volume which is good enough.

Logitech Wireless adaptor

The adaptor matches perfectly with the iPod’s glossy white colour. The LED at the top left hand corner indicates the connection status with the earphones. I didn’t have an iPod to test this with so I used my PDA. I couldn’t plug the jack in because of the little piece to the left of it. Luckily, this came with a short extension wire so I could plug it into the PDA without damaging the other piece.
The sound quality was great. Although I couldn’t switch songs, adjusting the volume was a piece of cake. The volume can be set loud enough so I can have the earphones dangling around my neck and I could still here the music. Even at that setting, I didn’t hear any distortion on the earphones.

This earphone and adaptor retails for $199 but is currently on sale for $39.99 at Best Buy. So if you have an iPod, it would be worth it to upgrade. But this is only available online. If you go into the store, you’re going to have to pay full price for it. I checked this afternoon and they had 111 in stock. Right now, the count is down to 72 units remaining. You better hurry though because they are selling quickly.