I was talking with a relative today and she mentioned that I looked just like Johnny Knoxville. Most of you may know him from “Jackass: The Movie” or “Dukes of Hazzard.” Obviously, if you look at Knoxville and me, you will see that we look nothing alike. But something about his character in “The Ringer” resembles the way I act. I was curious to see the resemblance so I rented the movie.

The Ringer

“The Ringer” is about Knoxville’s character, Steve, rigging the Special Olympics. He got a promotion at work and his first task was to fire the janitor. He didn’t want to fire the janitor because the janitor has five children and his wife had passed away. So he offers the janitor another job, mowing his lawn at his apartment complex. Steve promises the janitor stuff like $400 a week pay and health benefits.

During the first day on the time, the janitor, or the lawn mower I should say, gets into a little accident and slices off of fingers. They rush to the hospital and try to get it sewn back on. But he didn’t have any health benefits in place yet so Steve has to come up with $28,000 needed to perform the operation. He calls up some people to try and get money that he has loan people. He gets a hold of his Uncle Gary who convinces help out with his plan.

His uncle got an idea to bet on the Special Olympics so Steve’s job was to rig it. He had to pretend to be mentally challenged in order to win gold. Some of his competitors learn of this secret and helps him out because they are tired of see another mentally challenged person win all the time.

It was a pretty funny movie but I still don’t see how Knoxville’s character is like me. I can seem like I’m mentally challenged sometime that’s something else. There was this one scene where Glen, one of the mentally challenged characters says, “Hi! My name is Glen. What’s your name? I work at Burger King. Do you want fries with that? How many fingers am I holding up? 10? No, I have 8 fingers and two thumbs.” I think that was the part where some people would think of me because that is sort of something along the lines of what I would say. Or maybe as soon as they hear Burger King, they think of me. Apparently, I’m the only guy they know of that works at Burger King.

But after watching this movie, my aunt and my cousins are saying that Knoxville looks like me. So I searched around the internet to see if I can find some pictures of him that is relatively close to any of the pictures I have. Here’s one that I’ve found. I’ll let you be the judge.

Johnny Knoxville Don Khuth

There maybe be a slight similarity with the hair but my face doesn’t look like his much. He’s got a light mustache and beard while I’ve got one that is a bit thicker. I don’t see anything else, do you? What about the next picture?

Johnny Knoxville Don

Compare that picture with the picture that I’m using in the banner? Do I still look like him? I don’t think so. But a few people seem to think so. They were like, “Watch the movie and pretend that Knoxville is Don and it’ll match perfectly.” I don’t know. Maybe I am do act like I’m mentally challenged sometimes and not know it. Usually, I don’t notice things about myself until other people tell me. I do things so often that it becomes second nature to me. But I know one thing though. Not once has anyone come up to me in the middle of the street and asked for my autograph.

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