Say it ain’t true

I was surfing around some blogs as usual when I decided to check up on my Xanga page. I haven’t been there in a while so I thought it’s time to actually update. I’ve concentrate most of my writings here but I have other places that I blog to, just for the hell of it. Xanga and Blogger are the two other places. Both of them are currently using the layout for version v7 of the site. That’s how long ago since I updated.

I surfed on over to Xanga and saw that I had a couple hits here and there. Like most communities, you need to actually participate in stuff before other people takes notice of you. I think other bloggers found my page because I’m part of their metro.

Xanga did a good job at gather stats. You sign into your account and you can see briefly the number of people who dropped by your page, the number of comments left the number of guestbook entries, etc. I didn’t have much to do so I decided to click on a few. The majority of them had zeroes as the value but some of those options allow you to look at the stats from a few days back. I click on one of the category and this is what I saw.

I have no friends.

That is just sad. It’s funny in a way but it’s sad. When I first saw it, I read the sentence that was in bold. At first, I laughed but then I realized that it was talking about me so I let the thought settled in. After I thought about it, I laughed again.

Over a Blogger, not much is happening there either. The main reason I reactivated that account was so I can leave comments on Wanna’s and Vuth’s blog. I got tired of having to enter my name, email and website every time I left a comment. So I reactivated my account and now all I have to do is sign in and leave comments.

From the looks of things, I may end up posting once every month on the other blog sites. If I write too much, I’m afraid I might end up talking about everything that I wanted to talk about and run out of things to discuss. This month alone I’ve managed to have an entry up everyday. Last month, I did fairly good as well. I had one day where I posted three entries. I don’t know what it is about blogging but I enjoy doing it. I just hope you enjoy reading them. Maybe you’ll enjoy them so much that you’ll be my friend and I can prove Xanga wrong. Take that Xanga! I so do have friends! Ha ha ha!