Top 10…

Hooey! It’s damn hot out there! Right now, the temperature is at 33 degrees Celcius but it feels like bloddy 50! I had to go head over to my grandma’s house this afternoon to fix their computer and as soon as I opened the door, I was hit by this massive heat wave. I got into my car and it was scorching too. Even with all the windows down it was no match against the heat. So here are some suggestions for you if you want to beat the heat wave.

Top 10 ways to stay cool…

  • dress down, shorts and t-shirts works best
  • drinks lots of fluid
  • take a dip in the pool
  • stay in shaded areas
  • eat an icecream
  • head down to the lake, it’s windy there
  • exercise, the sweat will cool you down
  • don’t go outside
  • get an airconditioner
  • go to the mall, it’s usually air conditioned
  • run around naked