Did I do that?

I don’t know if it was me or the guy before me but I think I broke the urinal in the mens washroom at work. Water was starting to leak and I didn’t want to stick around long enough to see if it floods the floor. Don’t ask me how it happened because I’m not too sure. I think it was broken before I even got there because someone forgot to flush. I wonder why.

It all started around lunch time. I was heading out to get something to eat but I stopped by the washroom before heading out to Square One. As I round the corner, I hear the washroom door close. I turn the corner and there’s this guy, who probably works across the hall, leaning over the water fountain taking drink. As he straightens up, he walked towards the direction that I came from. As I walked pass him, I swore I saw a piece of paper towel by his left ear. Most people walk out of the washroom with toilet paper hang out their pants. This guy had paper towel stuck to the side of his face and I wasn’t going to be the one to tell him that.

This guy must have washed his face in the washroom and used the paper towel to dry off and a piece of paper towel ripped and got stuck in his hair. The paper towels that are in the men’s washroom are really cheap. They’re like really thin one-ply paper. One time I went and grabbed one from the dispenser and like five came out with it. But since I only had a grip on one, the rest fell into the garbage bin and I didn’t want to fish it out. Usually, the cleaners leaves a bundle on top of the counter by the sink but I think they may have stopped doing that because I keep stealing them. There’s a sink in the office that I work in and everything I clean something, there is never any paper towel around to dry my hands with so I end up manually air drying them. When I saw the bundle just sitting there, my hands acted on impulse.

So, I get into the washroom and from the corner of my eye, I can see shoes. Somebody is doing number two in one of the stalls. Usually, if I have to do number two, I would have taken the bigger stall that is reserved for the handicap. I’m not selfish or anything but it’s the tenth floor. What’s a handicap person going to be doing on the tenth floor? Plus, I don’t want to be stuck inside a two foot wide stall. I need the wide open space that only the handicap stall can provide.

But anyways, I ignore the guy and leave him to his busy. I’m sure it’s awkward enough for him to be stuck in the little stall. I’m sure this has probably happen to you before if you’ve ever used a public washroom. You know how you’re just sitting there and then you hear the door bust open, you freeze. Then you try and peek through the cracks to see who just came in. Meanwhile you’re trying not to let one drop. In situation like those, the slightest noise can sound like thunder. You know you’ve been through it. So, I just walk on over to the urinal and do my business. The guy in the stall is good because I don’t hear a peep out of him. I couldn’t even hear him breathing. He’s an expert at what he does.

Seconds later, another guy walk into the washroom. I didn’t turn to look because I’m busy. So I’m assuming it’s a guy because it is the men’s washroom. He rushes in and takes over the handicap stall. Smart man. He unzips, sits down and goes to work. I’m probably at the urinal for another thirty seconds. All that coffee I had early made me really have to go. As I’m standing there, I’m just minding my own business and staring at the wall. Then it occurred to me. I still don’t hear anything from the guys using the stalls. In that thirty seconds, one of them had to have made a splash but I don’t recall ever hearing one. Not that it mattered to me. I don’t even know why the thought came across my mind.

I finish up, zip up and go to flush. I go to hit the handle and I think I hit it a bit to hard because it flush for a quarter of a second and stop. My hand slips off the handle and hits the top of the urinal. Now my hand is all wet and there’s water slowly seeping out of the handle. Within a few seconds, water was slowly starting to drip down the side of the urinal. I quickly turn around, go over to wash my hands and walk out the door as I manually air dry my hands.

If those guys are lucky, the water will slowly creep towards the drain hole. I don’t remember see one anywhere in the washroom but I’m sure there’s one somewhere in the middle of the washroom. If they’re not lucky, one of them will get their pants wet. I didn’t want to stand around to find out which one. Whoever’s pants are wet, I’m sure he’d be pretty pissed off.