Oh my goodness!

My cousin went to see “Pirates of the Caribbean” the other day and she mentioned that there was a trailer for the new Transformers movies. I was like “No way!!!” I was waiting around forever for this trailer. I even signed up for the update on their website. I didn’t get any email about a trailer. I stopped everything I was doing and immediately went to see if the trailer was available online somewhere. To my amazement, there was!

Transformers the Movie

If you couldn’t tell by now, I’m a Transformers fan. I’ve been a fan of the series since I first saw it on tv back in the 80’s. The idea of cars changing into talking robot was wicked awesome. Anyone who was born during the 80’s has got to be a Transformers fan. If not, then they must have been born on some other planet.

In case there are people who don’t know what Transformers are, allow me to enlighten you. Transformers is a tv series about robots that change into cars, trucks, planes, trains and other stuff like that. Like other tv series, there are the good guys and the bad guys. The good guys are known as the Autobots and the bad guys are called the Decepticons.

The Autobots are led by a robot named Optimus Prime. In most series, he’s a red truck of some sort. In the Beast War series, he was a gorilla named Optimus Primal. In the Japanese version, he goes by the name, Convoy. He’s the main characters and most likely the hero of the movie. He’s also my favourite. In the last few series, he links up with other transformers to increase his powers and beat up Megatron. During the last series I watched, he linked up with a rogue Autobot named Knockdown, an airplane. I have that action figure which stands about a foot tall.

The Decepticons are led by Megatron. In the series that I grew up watching, he transforms into a gun. In later series, he changes into a whole bunch of stuff. So I’m not too sure what he’s going to be in the movie. He has a second in command named is Starscream. That guy is always looking out for himself. He wants to be the leader of the Decepticons but he usually fails. He’s usually a fighter jet.

This movie does not come out until July 7, 2007, but already it is getting a lot of attention. It’s going to be directed by Michael Bay and released under Dreamworks. It’ll be a long wait but I believe it will be worth it. Just by watching the trailer, I can already tell that the transforming action is going to be wicked awesome!