Just a little off the top, Leonardo

My hair was getting a bit too long and it keeps getting into my eyes so it was time I got it cut off. I didn’t have to work last Wednesday and I had the car so I went to my barber and got it cut. I go to an Italian barber that’s located fifteen minutes away if I walked but about five minutes away if I drove. I’ve been going to him for the last couple of years. It beats going to the barber that’s located down the street.

I don’t like going to the barber that is located a couple blocks from my house. For one, she always cuts my hair crooked. She’s too busy yapping with her friends to pay attention. Every time I go there to get my hair cut, I come out with a lopsided hair cut. It makes me look I’m tilting my head when I’m talking to you. The service isn’t all that good and it’s a rushed job too.

One time, I ended up waiting two hours for a hair cut. Apparently, people came and left but the sequence that they arrive is also the sequence in which they get served. It’s almost like reserving your spot in line just by showing up and leaving. I didn’t know that we could do that. So I waited there patiently. People came and they got their hair cut before I did. I’m sitting there and wondering, “WTF?” These people left so they should have lost their spot in line but apparently they didn’t. I don’t know how she was able to keep track of the order that these people were arriving in but she must have a good memory because there must have been five to ten people that were ahead of me.

Once it was my turn to get my hair cut, it was done quickly. I get into the chair, I’m off it within five minutes. And when she’s done, she uses one of those sweepers to brush off the left over hair. You know, one of those hand held sweepers that comes with a hand held pan for sweeping up dirt? Yes, those. I didn’t like the fact that I had to wait late for a five minute hair cut so I stopped going.

Now I’m going to Leonardo. It’s a bit further but it’s worth it. He takes his time to cut my hair and makes sure that everything is just right. Sometimes I can’t understand him because of his Italian accent but I know what he’s talking about. During my last visit he asked how I wanted my hair cut. I just told him to cut it short. Make it short on the side and leave the top a little long. A Caesar haircut, I believe it’s call. Then he asked me something about “Number 2” or “Number 3.” I had no idea what that was but he was planning to cut the side with a “Number 2” blade and the top with a “Number 3” blade. I just nodded. He’s the professional and he knows what works.

As he started to cut my hair, his assistant started talking to me. He remembered that I was there a few weeks ago with my little brother. He mentioned to me that he messed up my little brother’s haircut a little but he fixed it. I don’t think he noticed. We continued our small talk until he said I should leave my hair the way it is now. By now, Leonardo was done with one side of my head. He turned me around so I could see my reflection in the mirror. On one side, my bangs were still there while on the side my hair was about an inch long. This was the shortest I’ve ever had my hair cut. And I think Leonardo misunderstood me because it was about an inch all the way around. I thought I asked him to leave the top a bit longer.

I’m not use to having my hair this short so it’s going take some time before it looks right. I find it that shorter hair is a bit more work than longer hair. When I hair was long, all I had to do was brush it back and it was done. With shorter hair, I have to gel it to make it look right.

But, now that I’ve had my hair cut for the year, I don’t have to worry about it until next summer. Or until I change my mine and decide to keep my hair short throughout the year.



This man has been reported armed and dangerous. He is wanted for stealing cookies from the cookie jar. If you see him, please do not attempt to confront him. Call your local authorities immediately.

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  1. I don’t have time to sit around and take pictures… well I have time but I’m too lazy… a picture will be up soon..

  2. Dude what did you do??? You don’t look like Leonardo at all…well you look like some small time mobster from Asian Movie, who gets his A$$ kicked by the girls…


  3. I never said I looked like Leonardo, that’s the name of the barber that cut my hair…. and that girl didn’t kick my ass… I let her win…

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