Just crusin’

I got off work late one night and got into my car to drive home. The only thing I pray for when I step into my car is that it will get me home. There have been times when it just died while at the light but I think I’ve found a way to prevent that. I just have to test out my theory to see if it’ll work more than once. During the drive home, it can get pretty boring because it’s pretty quiet in the car. I don’t want to turn on the radio in fear that the car might die. So I played around with some other features.

Last night I got the chance to test out cruise control in the Camry. I was cruising down the 403 going westbound when I decided to give it a go. I sped up to 100km/h and then turned on cruise control. I eased off the gas pedal and started to relax. But then the car started to slow down. If cruise control was working, the car should have maintained a speed of 100km/h but it slowly decelerated. So I thought that the cruise control option was malfunctioning.

Then I remembered that you’re supposed to set the speed first before you can activate this function. So I gave it another try. I sped up to 100km/h, pressed the lever to set the speed and then turned on cruise control. That didn’t work either. Next I tried accelerating to 100km/h, turning on cruise control and then setting the speed. That did it! I was now cruising down the high way at 100km/h and I didn’t have to worry about the gas pedal. I didn’t have to worry about going over the speed limit either because that speed has been predefined.

I ended up playing around with cruise control all the way home. I saw on the lever that if I wanted to accelerate, I would have to flick the lever up and hold it there until I reach the desired speed. But then I wanted to see if I could slow down without turning off cruise control. There wasn’t anything labeled on the lever that said anything about decelerating. It looked like the only way to slow down was to take the car off cruise control.

But then I noticed something beside the “Set” option. It said “Coast.” I thought that when I’m on cruise control that I would be coasting. But coasting would mean that I’m not using the engine. That led me to think that coasting would also mean decelerating. I flicked the lever downward a few times and felt the car slowing down. Cool!

It will probably be a while before I get to test out that feature again because the car died this evening. My brother was driving it from somewhere and it just gave up on him on Queen Street. I had to push it all the way home. After looking around the engine for a while, I found that there was a fault sparkplug wire that needed to be replaced. Hopefully, after we fix that, the car should run smoothly.